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Brutal Nature 0.51 released with account menu and subtitles for quests!

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Brutal Nature 0.51 released with account menu and subtitles for quests!

Brutal Nature is also now on Steam Greenlight! check it out!
Download it today for free and give it a try!

Brutal Nature 0.51

  • Fixed all known bugs
  • Added new shader for the NPC's. Now they are lit much better.
  • Added Subtitles to quests
  • Added account menu. Accounts can now be registered to a key and the status of accounts (paid/free) is passed to the server.
  • Added menu item in account menu to change account password.
  • Added menu item in account menu register E-mail addresses to an account for password recovery when that feature is added. Note that registering an e-mail account is optional and will only be used for password recovery.
  • Added menu item in account menu to see your total play time across all online servers.
  • Added option to display ping next to FPS.
  • Added paste form clipboard support to console/chat window.
  • Added paste option to all edit boxes by pressing ctrl+v.
  • Added ability for certain avatars to be restricted to pre-order only accounts.
  • Added better handling of users attempting to open empty treasure chests.
  • Added Mouse wheel filter option to config file.
  • Increased max condition of weapons in treasure chests from 40% to 60%.
  • Increased rarity of Smithsonite and Cerussite ores.
  • Optimised client side collision function slightly.
  • Optimized world loading slightly.
  • Fixed bug that could spawn empty treasure chests.
  • Fixed Projectile vs player collision to take into account animation.
  • Fixed duplicate Ash from wood recipe in bonfire.
  • Fixed bug where player could be seen at the location he died for a single frame when he respawned.
  • Fixed bug where interact with players was not taking into account animation.
  • Fixed bug where unequipped armors still gave you armor bonuses.
  • Fixed bug in instanced object shader not taking into account world shadow.
  • Fixed bug caused by optimizations in the last version, bug would sometimes cause random severe slow downs while the world is loading.
  • Fixed bug in edit box not allowing '-' after the 1st character.

This game looks cool ( the rounded blocks are original x) )

The bear is a little squared, it makes me think of this x)

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