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Brutal Nature has released version 0.32! New weapons and crafting equipment!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.32! Download it today and give it a try!

Bear house rock - Indie DB

Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshotsBrutal Nature 0.32 screenshots

More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
More Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshots
Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshotsBrutal Nature 0.32 screenshotsBrutal Nature 0.32 screenshots

Change log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added built in help system. Click any recipe ingredient to view its help page or press shift+c when looking at an object.
  • Added weapons: H&R SB2-223, H&R SB2-308, H&R SB2-306, H&R SB2-500, Remmington M7600, Remmington M7615, M24A1, M40A5, M4, Beretta CX4, Owen Gun, STEN SMG, Steyr TMP, HK416, Mossberg MVP. Now 50 weapons in total!
  • Added table for crafting.
  • Added new buildings: Intermediate smelter, Small bonfire, Beehive oven, Forge, Large Forge, Blast Furnace, Large Blast Furnace
  • Added ceramic armor.
  • Added light/medium/heavy variants of all armor. Now 87 pieces of armor total.
  • Added recipes for all new content. Now 457 recipes total.
  • Added a quality to each fuel and a quality requirement to some recipes.
  • Added a fuel quality requirement for recipes.
  • Added mortar and quick lime.
  • Added another randomness factor to ore selection to help avoid veins turning into unrelated ores.
  • Added case dies, used to turn copper into cases for ammo.
  • Added periodic save to announce server.
  • Added popup text when mining to alert you of how many of each type of voxel you have mined.
  • Added popup numbers when damage is done to NPC's or players.
  • Added required materials to recipes, these are materials that are required to make the recipe but are not consumed in the process.
  • Added more info to materials descriptions in the help menu.
  • Added 'size' to recipes. Size determines how many of the recipe can be made at a particular crafting station in one batch.
  • Added drag to bullets, Now gun damage reduces with distance. Based drag on the G7 ballistic curves.
  • Added render distance limit for particle effects.
  • Added ocean sounds.
  • Added party rename button
  • Added ability to eat the last fraction of food you own.
  • Added ability to use fractional recipes in inventory menu crafting if none of the ingredients are integral in nature.
  • Rebalanced weapon tool costs.
  • Rebalanced all smelters.
  • Rebalanced armor, buffed all armor stats.
  • Rebalanced most recipes.
  • Moved weapon recipes over to forge.
  • Moved armor production to the forge for metal and table for leather.
  • Moved all ammo recipes to the forge.
  • Now you only make buildings in the inventory crafting menu. More recipe tweaking.
  • Smelters now show all top level categories open when you open them.
  • Adjusted terrain shader. Terrain color noise blending no longer depends on terrain normal
  • Made hematite more orange so it stands out better from granite.
  • Made mining sounds audible to other players.
  • Making cases and ammo has been moved over to the table. Your ammo crafting supplies are now vulnerable to theft/destruction while you are making ammo.
  • Start button now disappears when a smelter is in use.
  • Adjusted how the server deals with large time lags.
  • Adjusted movement 'lag back' code to 1 second.
  • Terrain removal effect/sound no longer happens if you don't have enough endurance to remove the terrain.
  • Fixed bug where NPC footstep sounds would play when joining a server until game finished loading.
  • Fixed ammo damage modifiers not applying to NPC's.
  • Fixed bug where forges did not return some input ingredients when a recipe was canceled.
  • Fixed minor bug with crafting giving insufficient ingredients message when you asked it to craft all it could.
  • Fixed bugs with crafting.
  • Fixed drop aid item menu that showed wrong item name.
  • Fixed Insufficient ingredients error when double clicking a recipe to automatically craft the maximum amount at a smelter.
  • Fixed bug where recipe info on a smelter remained from last recipe selected when selecting a new smelter.
  • Fixed bug where dropping the exact amount of material you had might fail due to floating point error.
  • Fixed bug where 'user has joined your party' message was not showing up for people who joined a party then had the server shut down and start back up again.

Brutal Nature 0.32 screenshotsBrutal Nature 0.32 screenshots

The bears are waiting for you!

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Sorry, but as this game uses DX10 there is no way to support winXP. A large number of DX10 and win7 API features are used in this game and most computers running XP would not meet the minimum hardware requirements anyway. Also kindly refrain from using all caps.

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