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Brutal Nature releases version 0.31 tons of new weapons and ammo types!

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Brutal Nature has just released version 0.31! Download it today and give it a try!

0.31 Screenshots0.31 Screenshots

0.31 Screenshots0.31 Screenshots0.31 ScreenshotsMore 0.31 More 0.31More 0.31

Change log:

  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Added new ammo: .357 magnum, 10mm Auto, 7.62x51mm (Aka .308), .44 magnum, .50 S&W, .45 ACP, .30-06
  • Added new weapons: Colt Python, Marlin 1894C, FN FAL, M60, M14, M21, Desert Eagle, S&W Model 29, Marlin 1894, Colt Delta Elite, M1 Garand, M3 SMG, Thompson SMG, M1911, S&W Model 500, JTL-E .500 Magnum, AR57. Now 35 weapons total!
  • Added new smelters: Advanced Smelter and Bessemer converter
  • Added new ores: Bauxite and Wolframite
  • Added new materials: Tungsten, High Speed Steel, HSS tools, Dull HSS tools, Alumina, Corundum abrasive.
  • Added new armor: Iron helmet, Iron breastplate, Iron boots, Iron greaves, Iron gauntlets.
  • Added popup reminder for current quest objectives every 60 seconds
  • Added hotkeys to select weapons.
  • Added new crafting recipes, Now 337 recipes total!
  • Added new mechanic: Tools. You make HSS out of tungsten and steel. Then sharpen it into HSS tools with Corundum abrasive made from Bauxite. Weapon recipes require a certain number of HSS tools to produce and return most of them, but some of them as dull tools that must be resharpened. Resharpening causes some loss of tools and uses up abrasives. Tools can be traded between players or pooled.
  • Added new mechanic: Armor and weapons now have weight that affects encumbrance.
  • Added Zoom aiming feature. Added scope overlay effect for the sniper rifles. Normal weapons have a focus aiming mode now as well.
  • Added color coding to recipe menu for categories and recipe ingredients. Now you can instantly identify what categories contain recipes you can craft, what recipes you can craft and the missing ingredients for recipes you can't craft.
  • Added more stats to weapon display in inventory.
  • Added new system where the recoil of each weapon is based on the calculated recoil energy.
  • Added disassemble weapon recipes.
  • Added noclip permissions to server.cfg
  • Added Admin username list to server.cfg
  • Added a noclip restriction mode. When enabled in the server.cfg, users must hold the noclip key for 5 seconds before they can enter or leave noclip mode, during that time they can not move or shoot. While nocliping they are also unable to shoot weapons. Also you can no longer leave noclip mode while inside the ground.
  • Lowered ore distribution and made it spawn in veins instead of blobs
  • Lowered ore required to make metal
  • Lowered grapple rifles muzzle velocity down to 1030
  • Lowered number of chests spawned by
  • Changed script to have two modes. Spawn anything and spawn only basic beginner weapons. Spawn basic beginner weapons mode made default.
  • Renamed existing armor with steel/leather prefixes as needed. Improved defence of steel armor.
  • Rewrote weapon recipes to take advantage of scripting engine.
  • Simplified how armor works. All layers on a body part now act as one.
  • Tweaking of recipe values and weapon stats.
  • Rebalanced weapon base accuracy, Mainly based on barrel length and action type. Added recoil reduction to all gas operated weapons.
  • Console can now execute Angelscript code entered into it. While mainly for admin commands at the moment, I am sure someone will find interesting uses for it eventually.
  • Fixed a bug where blunt protection of armor was not being applied.
  • Fixed Server Crash bug.
  • Fixed bug where mashing enter on the login screen could cause the client to crash.
  • Fixed terrain bug where previously visited terrain might not show up correctly.
0.31 ScreenshotsMore 0.31


this game is looking mighty fine so far.. well done and super work

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How many animals are you planning to add? This has a lot of potential and im hoping it pulls together nicely. If you need any graphic design done, send me a pm.

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BlackMoons Author

Lots of different animals. The main problem has been finding free models. With additional preorders I will be able to buy some more models.

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@BlackMoons **** my life but this is wonderfull....Istant tracked this...Like it much

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