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As usual when the season ends, we bring you the Season Series Deadlines. But apart from that, we have bigger news for you so keep on reading…

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Over the last three years, My Racing Career’s social media presence has been too low which in turn has decreased the game’s ability to bring on new players.
But this is not the only problem. Many of us have been here for quite a few years and we haven't noticed big changes, neither visual nor on gameplay or else. The user interface is the same as it was when the game was first released in 2011, setups and strategies are being made with the same tools as then, sponsors are ‘take it or leave it’, F1 management has been slightly modified but it's still insufficient, etc.
We consider it’s absolutely not enough for a manager game which should be a benchmark on the Internet in terms of depth and variety. We haven’t exploited our biggest advantage enough - MRC is the only game where you manage the career of a racing driver. And we are pretty sure many of you feel the same way.

So, led by DebiK and the MRC Team, we can guarantee you that this is going to change. In the last two months we have been considering the game’s future and we can tell you that we have the energy, creativity and the will to bring My Racing Career to the next level.

However, as we said in the title, we need your help for that to happen, and first, we need to establish some foundations which should have been settled a long time ago.
Thus, we are glad to announce the creation of three new social media channels for the game, on which we aim to reach a bigger number of users and start adapting to current times. These social networks are YouTube, Discord and Reddit. About Discord, we would like to thank FuzzyBanana as well as the (temporarily retired) jcgoble3 for ‘officializing’ the already existent Discord server created by them two years ago.
In order to manage the new and existing social media channels, we are looking for two people (per network, in total, ten people) who can manage our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Discord server. As usual, those who hold these positions will get free Super License use as well as coin rewards for a job well done (a new reward system is being designed not only for social media managers but for the whole MRC Team).

If you are interested, you just have to send a private message to nicorz, leader of Social Media and Promotion.

We want to remind you as well that we are also looking for Slovenian, Mandarin Chinese, Belarussian, Romanian, Indonesian and Hindi translators, as well as community leaders for Argentina and the Russian Federation. For these positions, you can contact the MRC Team Leader, beltmann.


To conclude, we want to remind you a few things:


Day 72
- F1

Day 73
- Indy
- NASC Gold Cup
- World TCS
- TCS Europe
- Formula E
- Formula 2 World
- Moto 1

Day 74
- Indy Junior
- V8 Supercars
- World GT
- 911 Supercup
- Superb Formula
- Moto 2
- World Rally Series

Day 75
- F3 World
- Moto 3
- Moto E
- NASC Silver Cup
- World Rally Series 2
- Superbike World

Day 76
- F3 Continentals
- F3 Central European
- F4 Regionals
- TCS Regionals
- Moto 3 Junior
- World Rally Series 3
- World Rally Series Junior
- Superbike British & USA
- Rally Continentals

Day 77
- All remaining series not already mentioned

If you have not applied for any of the above for Season 50, then your driver will automatically be entered into the Rookie Series of their chosen path.


- We have updated the F1 and Moto calendars to the 2023 ones, including Miami, Las Vegas and the new Marina Bay for F1 and Sokol and Buddh for Moto series.
- NASC Gold and Indy are updated too, with the new Chicago and Detroit street tracks respectively.
- Formula E adds three new tracks in Cape Town, Anhembi and Hyderabad as well as updating Brooklyn.
- We’ve also made some minor changes to British and Hungarian F4.

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