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Brawl Master's alpha is out! Here is some story behind the development of the game.

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Brawl master's alpha is out and ready for the world.

I've been developing the game while trying to figure out a way to improve combat during Pen&Paper RPG sessions. As I tried to implement the kind of mind game that goes on during a real life sparing, I slowly came to realize that what I was developing would work perfectly as a stand alone game. And about one week later, here we are :)

If the game can get some traction, I am planning on creating different decks for different martial arts. I also want to add an AI and a single player mode, where the character would unlock cards as he improves his martial art.

Ultimately, I would like to go back to my original goal and create a version of the game that can fit right in a Pen&Paper RPG game, with stats etc, and eventually print the cards and a board.

But it all depends on how successful the alpha is! So go try the game out, and if you like it, please share it!

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