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Boxel Rebound is officially preparing for launch! New content and levels are coming soon.

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Boxel has been around for nearly 5 years and has received loads of positive feedback. The original game currently maintains a solid 4 star rating on the Google Play market and continues to grow. Boxel on Google Play

Due to the limitations of the Java architecture I wrote many years ago, updates decelerated much faster than I anticipated. Eventually I could not keep up with the features that players were requesting. As a result, I decided that I need to start from scratch using Javascript.

After many months of research, I found an open source HTML canvas library that Adobe uses for animations, and decided to utilize it for game development. Createjs has made 2d game development a breeze with all the graphic, tweening (animation), and sound features already packed inside.

With all the tools I needed to get started, I was finally ready to address these missing features in the new game:

  1. Better performance - Smoother graphics & mathematical interpolation now work together to compensates for older & newer devices.
  2. Built in level editor - You can now create & share your levels with friends on all platforms.
  3. Cross-platform compatibility - The game will now run on iPhone, PC, Mac, web etc.
  4. Rapid deployment - Features are able to be implemented and deployed quickly across all platforms.

Thank you for reading the first article for Boxel Rebound. Keep an eye out for future updates and beta links as the game prepares for launch. I cannot even wait for you to try out the built-in level editor!

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