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Alot has been happening in the team, we got loads done on bounce! fixed a ton of bugs and very close for the release.

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What's New:

We released a news post awhile back saying that we were going to release bounce!. The community found quiet a few issues with the demo so we decided to delay the project slightly. This delay really helped us a lot as we came up with tons of new features thanks to the great community. We have been working on a brand new hud including a compass which shows you how far away and direction of the goal and were to go next.

We have redesigned almost all textures and props. We have fixed tons and tons of bugs including character collision (getting stuck on geometry). We have added in new weapon and animation. We decided we didn't like the original developer stage so we totally scrapped the stage and rebuilt an entire stage now called Neon Stage which is made out of cool looking neon blocks. This style is kinda cool based around various inspirations such as Tron.

We have tried our hardest to come up with ways to stop the guess work kinda gameplay style and we decided on having a rangefinder near crosshair so you can see how far away objects are as well as new Trails to show were the balls have gone making it easyer to see where your balls are bouncing.

We had a few requests from some testers for a Zero-Gravity Mode so there is no bouncing. You can now press - and + to change between zero-g mode and normal mode.

Checkout the demo and play the first stage of bounce! The demo includes most features of full game except doesn't have all the levels, only has 1 soundtrack, only has 1 award to collect.

Main Features:

  • 23 Levels
  • Awards
  • Level Ratings
  • Zero-Gravity Mode
  • Level Statistics
  • 50 Collectables
  • Challenge Mode
  • Compasss/Rangefinders
  • 4 Soundtracks


We feel as though the game is all done now and given it a theor test. The game has no major bugs and we are working on fixing all the little minor issues which our testers are catching. We have almost tripled our feature list, meaning more features for the same cost :D. The game will be releasing within the next month (August). Bounce! is pretty much all done, but we are just waiting on the distributor to reply to us (while fixing any bug issues). We are really proud of our game, has really come along way in the last few months. We think it's a great piece for our portfolios and hopefully will get us a job in the industry someday down the line after university :D.

We are hoping to sell bounce! for £4.99/roughly $8.

We hope you enjoyed the read,
Watch Us to stay tuned of release date.

haliphax - - 32 comments

I just wanted to comment that it was funny that two projects that end with an exclamation point had sequential news items on the front page, but after checking out some info about your game, I think I might keep an eye on you guys. :)

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author
Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

"We've played through the demo several times since release and are working to resolve some minor bugs that have popped up (and make a couple of cosmetic revisions while we're at it). If anybody else has any issues please email me and we'll add them to the list."

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wazanator - - 761 comments

Will there be a map editor/creator so we can build our own puzzles after we beat the game?

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Kamikazi[Uk] Author
Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

We maybe releasing the ingame editor so you can create levels and make own ball textures.

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