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A changelogs from 1.6 to 1.6.1 with some bugs fixed and unbalances.

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1.6.1 changelogs :
- Boss arms dealer changed command set
- Boss airfield changed command set
- GLA fighter plane do more damage
- GLA bomber plane do more damage
- GLA toxin tank do more damage
- China mig bomber do more damage
- China helix can now transport vehicle
- China MLRS firing rate and damage reduced
- USA firebase fixed correct armor type
- USA firebase now creates rangers after being destroyed
- GLA scud storm reloading animation changed
- Fixed some minor AI errors.

- Missions are now playable but glitchy due to mod.
- NEW MISSION : Boss mission challenge 1 campaign only

Boss campaign is the main change of this version as it replaced the training part in the menu.

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