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10 new pictures, and 2 new members. This just keeps getting better and better!

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Alright, lots of new things happening. For starters: Soufiane, our new mapper, has compiled most of the Trainstation map and has given us some sample screenshots that I've already uploaded. Great stuff, everything's coming together in a great way.
Also, I've taken screenshots of the most recent Mako Reactor map that I compiled earlier today, and have already uploaded those as well. This brings the total new screenshot number to 10, so enjoy that!
Our animator, Marlwolf, will be working hard on the Buster Sword and it's attacks tomorrow, so we might even get a glimpse of that as well. We'll see.
Hopefully this has been enough to soothe that aching 'non-active' feeling that I'm sure we've been emitting for a few days. We're glad to see the interest, criticism, and support!

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