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Today's update to Book of Demons brings redesigned Archdemon boss fight and Quest Mastering feature. Try your luck with bosses on higher difficulty levels!

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Today's update to Book of Demons brings redesigned Archdemon boss fight and Quest Mastering feature! Try your wits and luck in boss fights on higher difficulty levels!

Book of Demons - Archdemon Quest - Obelisks

But... what is Book of Demons?

If you have never heard about the game here is a short video presenting its main features!

In a few words, Book of Demons is a Hack & slash game distilled to its purest form. Slay the armies of darkness in the dungeons below the Old Cathedral and save the terror-stricken Paperverse from the clutches of the Archdemon himself.

As usual, we do encourage you to give the game a chance and play Demo version!

Book of Demons - New Archdemon Quest

Whole new Archdemon's quest!

The old Archdemon quest left something to be desired in our opinion, so we tweaked it a bit. The new quest now has new unique challenges and bosses. The Archdemon himself learned a few new skills as well! Not to mention that the new level has infinitely more ducks than it used to! I suppose you were never afraid of those cute yellowish rubber ducks, were you?

Book of Demons - Quest Mastering - Bosses

Quest Mastering!

Mysterious Golden Keys (which players could gather during their journeys) have finally found their purpose! You can now use Golden Keys to replay all the main boss fights, and with that more options to gather legendary cards appear.

Book of Demons - Legendary cards

There are three difficulty levels per boss, and the next ones are much harder than the previous. But beware! Two first difficulty levels can be replayed only once, so you will have to focus and pull out all the stops to gather more legendaries on the third difficulty level!

Book of Demons - Roguelike Beta

Roguelike and Casual modes in Beta!

New game modes introduced with the last update were well received by the players. We are still gathering the feedback from our brave adventurers and after gathering enough we will introduce some changes. So, do not hesitate to use the in-game Feedback button and write to us!

Book of Demons - Other News

Other News

In other news, we have added also Belarusian language (thanks to our awesome fan!) and fixed a number of bugs in this release. Among them, the double attacks the hero performed when clicking on a shield. That resulted in shields being twice easier to crush. We wonder why no one reported that one… ;-)

Currently, we are working on adding all the new sounds to the game, post-process annnnd... adding new voice-overs that our super talented voice actors recorded for us.

As always (and especially now in Roguelike mode)
Stay safe in dungeons mail me up serduszko

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