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This update introduces in-game community translations, the minimap, a lot of QoL features, and the updated final roadmap (with dates!).

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This update introduces in-game community translations, various bugfixes, identify all feature, the minimap and, last not least, the updated final roadmap (with dates). Let’s talk details.

Community Translations

community translations

With Chinese, Russian, French, Brasilian Portuguese and Italian community translations finished we are ready to add them to the game. You can see these languages available in Options-> Video and Languages window.

Book of Demons now in French, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Brazilian Portugese

Huge thanks to our community translators! <3

Please keep in mind the community-sourced translations are on-going so the quality will only improve over time as we will receive more and more feedback on them. If you wish to report an issue with the translation get in touch with us at our official Discord server or via email:! You can also talk directly to the translators in the forums.

Book of Demons now in French, Russian, Italian, Chinese and Brazilian Portugese

The Minimap

The minimap was one of the most requested features and due to popular demand, it’s finally here! We went with minimalistic representation for maximum readability and wanted to keep the dungeon visible underneath the minimap.

Book of Demons now has minimap!

The map updates as you explore the dungeon. With the path being drawn as you walk, points of interest are marked as you get near them. No more wondering which turns to take on the crossroads.

The default key for minimap is TAB.

Once the level is cleared you can click on the stairs marker (the friendly gizmo that shows you the direction towards the staircase down). It will instantly exit the level for you saving you the jog back.

Identify all

Identify all becomes enabled in Freeplay (that’s when cards start piling up). The button to identify all is usable only when the player has enough gold to identify all cards. It will skip the fluff identify animation and thus save your time and clicking.

You can now identify cards all at once!

Changes to Cursed Sarcophagi

It appeared that some players had hard times with Cursed Sarcophagi. We decided to change the number of bosses spawned and the number of cards cursed by them. What's more, we have added even more events that can occur!

Cursed Sarcophagi

The updated roadmap

We have a pretty good idea what lies ahead now.

Now that we are entering the home stretch, the large updates will be more frequent. We are aiming at one every six weeks. Of course, there will be a lot of small updates containing fixes and minor tweaks during that time too.

Here is what will happen up until launch:

  • Early June – Difficulty levels. It’s tricky to make everyone happy with one difficulty for all so we are going to differentiate by introducing more casual mode and two more difficult modes.
  • Late July – Overhauled Archdemon quest (new bosses, unique mechanics) because the current one is actually a placeholder and is way too forgiving
  • September – Complete sounds (over 300 new or reworked sounds)
  • October – Mac support
  • Early November – all remaining features and content integrated into the test branch, those willing to do so can begin testing the final build candidate
  • December – The magic happens, the game launches
  • Late December – Christmas!

Play demo now

As usual, we encourage you to give the game a chance and play Demo version!

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