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General information on the mods progress. yep.....

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Welcome to Black Mesa: Missing in Action's ModDB page

You may notice on some media releases, it says "Black Mesa: Opposing Force", I was originally going to call the mod that but due to complications with ModDB's duplicate mod deletion, and Dany007's OP4 mod thats no longer being worked on, i had to rename it.

mdr 1

We plan to do a Episodic release starting with the Boot Camp. Incoming and Welcome to Black Mesa will be merged into the same update however since OP4's intro isnt very long. Also, whenever i get to "We Are Not Alone" the chapter will extended due to it being 2 1-2 minute long maps in the original OP4. Due to Black Mesa's source code not being available to the public, most of OP4s new weapons will not be added. However, weapons that take the place of other weapons will be added:

Crowbar -> Pipe Wrench
357 Revolver -> Deagle
Crossbow -> Sniper Rifle

Hivehand -> Shock Roach

I can add 1 new weapon through the use of the Assassin Glock weapon but i dont know what ill add yet.

Overall, Development is going well so far and im so far very satisfied with the development so far.

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