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The upcoming multiplatform game "Blue Libra" has just entered final stages of beta testing and polishing. Windows, MacOS, iPad versions should soon be available.

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Orator Games is proud to present its newest game. Blue Libra is a fun, fast paced real time strategy game designed for Windows and MacOS operating systems as well as iPad.

Blue Libra first screens

Player will assume control of the Libra space carrier, last remaining significant force of the once might fleet. Your goal is to take back your home world which has fallen to alien invaders.

Blue Libra first screens

Travel the galaxy completing missions that earn you credits for upgrades and give you access to new ships.

Combat the alien invaders in space battles. At first you will have only the smallest fighters at your disposal. Later in game you will command large fleets of mixed sized ships, each ship performing a different role. Following screen shows a battle from our test build. Please note that at this stage we are using graphics that are work in progress and final result will look different.

Blue Libra first screens part 2

Finally, win for the sake of your race.

Blue Libra first screens

Stay tuned for more updates.

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