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Blue Dawn Redux is a revision and rework of the current Blue Dawn Donbass Crisis Mod, after many years of working on other projects and taking a break from modding we have decided to rework Blue Dawn Donbass into the quality mod we always envisioned.

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Welcome back to the ranks.

Progress Update

Hello and welcome to the new Blue Dawn Redux Project. This project is a revision and rework of the current Blue Dawn Donbass Crisis Mod, after many years of working on other projects and taking a break from modding we have decided to rework Blue Dawn Donbass into the quality mod we always envisioned. We Hope that this update serves as a shining beacon of hope for this old mod and its loyal community.
Our goal here is to provide the community with a quality project.

Donetsk International Airport Terminal Rework

After looking at the previous version of the terminal I decided we needed a custom model, so I spent some time creating one. The terminal provides great cover from artillery and can be substituted as a defensive structure, I created multiple levels with and without cover so you never know where a round may impact inside the terminal. The model was created from endless references from the real life terminal and painstakingly textured to resemble the real thing. After creating textures for the structure I soon learned that we would need multiple different textures to suffice for seasonal changes, so I spent a few days creating different textures for the terminal.

Screenshot 2021 08 24 0153366

^3D Clay Render of the D.I.A. Terminal^

Here you can see the Seasonal Textures.

terminal summer

^Summer Dusty Version Texture^

terminal summer

^Fall Rainy Version Texture^

terminal winter

^Winter Snowy Version Texture^

Custom Structures and Props

We are currently creating a large collection of custom made structures from small sheds to large interiors our goal is to provide the player with a immense amount of custom content never seen in Gem before. One of our Head developers has been hard at work learning how to model and researching the type of architecture we are in need of, from small prop assets to larger interior structures we will try to provide the best content for gameplay we can.

Here are some custom made content from one of our key developers.

Screenshot 2021 09 18 220712

^Concrete Bridges 3D Clay Render^

Screenshot 2021 09 18 221220Screenshot 2021 09 24 113856

^Warehouse Office Buildings 3D Clay Render^

Screenshot 2021 09 18 221514Screenshot 2021 09 24 114553

^Storage Warehouse and Storage Roofing Structures 3D Clay Render^

Creating custom assets as well as reworking some old ones takes time but we believe this effort will be worth it once completed, with enough new assets and custom assets we can create an entire new world space and feel for Blue Dawn Redux.

Level Design and Mapping

We are currently hard at work creating assets for the new levels and maps, we are also in the process of removing old assets and sorting thru our older maps, this is a large undertaking for us as majority of our previous maps will be reworked and or removed becuase of the removal of old assets. This means we will be creating and or recreating our maps from scratch. We have a interesting process for mapping and level design and are excited to showcase to you the finished results. We are taking advantage of terrain data collected over time and will implement actual heightmaps and landscapes into our levels/maps.

In this example photo we are showcasing the realistic fashion in which our levels/maps are designed.

unknown 5

All of our maps are based on real life locations using real life references.

Custom Vehicles and Reworks

After pouring over the older files I have decided to replace a handful of vehicle entities with new versions, from the smaller APC's to the larger MBT's we have a large collection of models and even some custom made ones, we plan to replace majority of vehicles we have with new ones and or rework them to a higher quality.

After testing new entities we have found out that some vehicle models are way to high poly for the Gem engine and some are way to old in look and functionality. It is necessary we balance the engines performance with our wants and needs and allow room for memory issues and other crashes etc.

Reworking vehicles means taking the original model and reworking that model to a higher standard that fits gameplay and engine memory needs, in this example here you can see a older BTR-70 model reworked in 3ds max and other programs to elevate its level of quality along with newly added details to the model.

unknown 2 1

Every Vehicle model will have multiple detail options as well as seasonal textures along with custom textures, as you can see even the detail pieces are textured to fit the vehicles seasonal textures.

User Interface and Menu

I have redesigned the User Interface and menu, creating a new aesthetic for Blue Dawn while keeping the original theme alive and well in the new U.I. and menu. I and our other head developer discussed allowing customizable options for the User Interface, and I am happy to announce this will be an option. We have two different User Interfaces the player can choose from, a Ukrainian themed U.I. and a Russian themed U.I. as well as some other options.


^Ukrainian User Interface^


^Russian User Interface^

04 Halftone0

New Custom halftone Aesthetic for Blue Dawn Redux

Wrapping it up

So for now thats about it, we are busy reworking and creating new assets and will keep you all informed as progress is made on the project, please keep in mind we have other projects and lives ,wives and modding is a hobby and passion we do in our free time. Viper and I .Miles. started Blue Dawn Donbass Crisis to represent and showcase the conflict which at the time the world was trying to ignore. We feel that the mod deserves a update and makeover and we are dedicating our time to this.

Viper is still currently away from modding but Venomess and I will take responsibility for this current project and ensure that what we bring you will satisfy your needs.

That wraps it up for Blue Dawn Redux's First Official Article

Thank you for participating in the Article discussion and or simply viewing the project!

We Hope you are pleased with the info given and progress shown!

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Sincerely, The Basement.

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A gigantic work !
And a unfortunately topical mod ...

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