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Today we've released an update to our PHAN Club exclusive build of Blade Symphony. This includes a brand new map, duel_winter. To download, just open Sidekick and click 'Update.'

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Today we've released an update to our P.H.A.N. Club exclusive build of Blade Symphony. This includes a brand new map, duel_winter. To download, just open Sidekick and click 'Update.'

PHAN Club release: Build 2, new map Winter!

Here is a quick guide video on what to do if you are a new PHAN Club member. For more detailed information on how to install Blade Symphony, click here.
Remember, Dystopia Supporters are now PHAN Club members!


Blade Symphony Release 1 Client Torrent

If you don't have a bit torrent client or don't know what that is, you can get the self-downloading installer.

Direct Download Mirrors

md5: 27a25d84c49bc8e67dc124bf7dccd129
sha1: a03abfbb8894ae8e6636e76ba68bbd36c84fc4fa

Dedicated Server
Windows/Linux Dedicated Server
md5: f140ef72924f99f8c7b025d80411d1de
sha1: 12fd93eba6248b6b83e67160ae9094c14a1627ff

Build2_Changelog wrote:

    Additions & Changes:

  • Added a new map, duel_winter.
  • [#3229] Added a work-in-progress round start screen which appears at the beginning of a duel and contains basic stats info.
  • Changed various labels in the keyboard controls options menu.
  • Changed Balance Stance Left and Right, both Tier 1 and Tier 2 have a higher priority and longer trace duration. This should cause more hits to land correctly.
  • Removed torso-turning/body yaw from the animation system temporarily, it causes issues with aiming and properly landing hits.

  • Bugs:

  • Fixed the Linux Dedicated server not compiling. It can be downloaded here.
  • [#3222] Fixed an issue with dead player ragdolls piling up for both the client and server, causing a memory issue for the server.
  • [#3210] Fixed a server crash caused by having two of the same player on a server.[/url]
  • [#3145] Fixed various issues with particles and sword swinging when experiencing high latency.
  • Fixed various animations sometimes not playing or being skipped.
  • Fixed various charge animations sometimes restarting.
  • Fixed some interpolation issues caused by a lack of an animation offset.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to hear sounds from far away duels.
  • [#3224] Fixed chat input getting erased on spawn.
  • [#3244] Fixed an issue where chat bubbles would stick around after having typed something.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnect messages would not play if a player exited while typing.
  • Removed some developer message spam when a duel begins.
N3mix - - 130 comments

Yay it's finnaly out.
I hope there will be at least one server and lots of people playing this mod cuz it rocks. :D
It's something like Kingdoms Collide and Vindictus. :)

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Darthlex - - 1,050 comments

You know what? **** it! No pizza for me, tonight, instead I'll use the 10$ on helping Puny Human.

Yup, I'm sacreficing my pizza for you people, be grateful!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+8 votes
urinal-cake Author
urinal-cake - - 48 comments

Somewhere, a hunk of silicon, metal, gold lace and plastic sitting in a data center, storing trillions of numbers; statistics data for Blade Symphony and Dystopia, repositories for our games, tools, communication methods, test servers and so many other resources for the developers is very.. very..


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angelcs - - 276 comments

therefor sometimes your pizza taste better, not to buy it ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Studios - - 48 comments

So... it was probably pretty big Pizza

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rawket - - 867 comments

I'm considering donating, but what's holding me back that there might not be many people playing it to justify donating...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DarkPivot - - 699 comments

I'd love to play the mod, but whenever I try joining a server it says: "OnGameRulesCreationStringChanged: missing gamerules class 'CDuelGameRules' on the client."

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
urinal-cake Author
urinal-cake - - 48 comments

Darkpivot, we've seen this once before; check your /bin/ folder inside of your sourcemods/BladeSymphony directory. If you do not have any dlls, reinstall using the base installer you downloaded. Also, re-run sidekick (it is inside that same BladeSymphony directory.)

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Rawket - - 867 comments

Yeah i have the same problem and the solution you provided doesn't work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
angelcs - - 276 comments

can you guys fixthe activation message? been somewhat 7 hours now since i Register and still no activation code, you see where i posted last 13 hours and 40min ago and that is about when i downloaded the game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ansob - - 49 comments

Hey, we manually activated you. You should be getting an email pretty soon letting you know your forum account is up and running.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
angelcs - - 276 comments

Is pretty soon over 1h and 45 min?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
KindredPhantom - - 290 comments

The problem can be solved much quicker if you pop into our irc channel: #punyhuman

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Link3737 - - 55 comments

I'm fairly certain that what you're doing (Donations required to play the mod) is illegal.

One could interpret this as selling the mod, which is against the Source SDK ToS and could land you all in hot water.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes
Sharkz - - 131 comments

The donations are required to become a beta tester if anything. Which isn't against the ToS at all. They full mod will be released free as far as I am aware

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
charlestheoaf - - 5 comments

This mod isn't pay to play. We have some very great people that have donated money to us (to help fund various server costs and other fees), and we wouldn't be in the shape we are now if it wasn't for them.

To extend our gratitude, we try to give the members of our "PHAN Club" little extras by releasing exclusive info, letting them take part in playing/testing some pre-release versions of the mod, or giving them little in-game identifiers. We did the same thing with "release candidate" builds of Dystopia.

All donations go straight to Puny Human, and we don't get any money from this (several of us are still donating ourselves). It's all been cash to keep our group running efficiently, and it has helped us out a lot!

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Link3737 - - 55 comments

Free to play, except you can't play unless you donate money.

It sounds like you're just attempting to exploit legal loopholes to make a quick buck off the mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
urinal-cake Author
urinal-cake - - 48 comments

Link3737, you bring up a good point.

However, I really want to assure you the utmost transparency with our spending, we just recently put up a donation meter at and we hope in a week or two to start displaying our monthly payments for server hosting, and the fund of money that sits and gets used for monthly bills.

Also, it is not "free to play unless you donate money." We have invited countless more people to play Blade Symphony, family, friends, fans, testers, press, etc. However, people who have supported us in the past and still strive to help us out should definitely get a shot as well, so they do.

The PHAN Club program runs regardless of there being anything that is exclusive for members. These sort of releases are not permanent, they only last a short time. We don't HAVE to offer anything. We can just take the donations and scram, but we choose to give something back that is as easy as zipping up content and sending it across the internet.

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