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BIT RAT: Singularity, a standalone prologue to BIT RAT, launches today on!

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Hi all!

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We're bryan and Nick (pictured above), AKA [bucket drum games].

Today we're launching BIT RAT: Singularity, a standalone prologue to BIT RAT, our cyberpunk puzzle game about a curious AI yearning for freedom from a high-security datanet. Here's our 2017 teaser trailer:

It's been a long wait, but we're so excited to share this milestone with you! You can check out the launch page for Singularity here:

presskit screens 0006 bit shots

Our demo was a finalist at IndieCade this past fall, and we've been lucky enough to share our work at MAGFest (2017 + 2018), and Bit Bazaar (Toronto) as well. Next month, we're headed to NYC for Indiecade East -- we'd love to see ya there if you're in town!

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As a robust, self-contained vertical slice, Singularity includes many of the narrative, puzzle and world-building elements we're planning for the final game, but scales things down to a level that allowed us to put something we're really proud of into the hands of our players now. This includes:

- Interactive tutorials that teach the game's core mechanics (and a cool variant)
- 11 increasingly intricate puzzles to get you thinking like a rapidly-evolving machine intelligence (2+ hours of gameplay)
- A complete dramatic mini-arc that introduces the human cast and sets the stage for the larger story
- Unlockable freeplay mode with stat tracking
- Hand-pixeled cinematics & 13 original chiptunes

2018 01 10 10 45 33 2 iloveimg c

If you write about games and are interested, our presskit is available here.

Thanks so much for reading in any case. If you get a chance to play, we'd love to hear your feedback and/or answer any questions you might have!

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Take care,

bryan / Nick / [bucketdrumgames]

P.S. We're still working hard on the full release! Expect it later this year!

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