Hello everyone :) great news!!... HUD, AR, shotgun, and pistol are in game and fully coded!!

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Hello everyone :)

I have some really big news !!... The HUD, AR, Pistol, And Shotgun are in game and fully coded!!... The HUD now shows how many bullets are left in a clip and how many clips are left for each gun... Right now the weapons are shooting slow because i have the timers set all the same so not a big issue there...

Also insted of just 1 character image I cut it up into 2 parts... lower body and upper body... This saves some space for images latter in the game so more images can be loaded in the LPE :)

Also an ALPHA is soon to be released in the next few weeks with enimy AI (basic) ! :)

Needs to be done before Single player:

- Jump
- Ajustable gravity
- Enimy AI, Alli AI
- weapons (plasma pistol, needler)
- Pick ups (Weapons)
- grenade bounce code
- animations (ALL)
- Base code [re-do code]

The Alpha will have:
- enimys (grunts)
- game types (Fire fight)
- pick ups
- Shot Gun
- AR
- Pistol
- Plasma Pistol
- Frag grenades
- Animations
- New controlls

Peace out ;)
~Trey 777~



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