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Legendary items, Loot text, new enchants, visual upgrades, bug fixes and more! This update brings up a ton of changes and new additions to the game.

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Legendary items, Loot text, new enchants, visual upgrades, bug fixes and more!

This update brings up a ton of changes and new additions to the game.

I will highlight some of these in detail. The full list of changes will be at the bottom of this post.

Legendary Items

Over 30 new Legendary Items have been introduced to the game. Each one of them with unique name/skin and powerful effects.

Legendaries have better stats than normal items, more damage/armor/stats. And don't have level, instead they level up automatically when you do. This way Legendary items are always useful even if it dropped early in the game.

They can be enchanted but not recicled.

Bosses drop a guaranteed random Legendary. And normal enemies have a chance to drop one as well.

Loot Text

A new feature that displays the item names inside drop bags.

Uses different colors for each type of item. Blue for Potions, Green for Ingredients, Orange for Weapon/Armor and Purple for Legendary.

This feature is enabled by default. It can be toogled on/off by pressing [ALT] key.

Also it can display item information by mouse over the text and pressing [CONTROL] key.

Left-Click on any Loot Text to pick up the item (stay close).

Life Bars

Another new feature for displaying how much life an enemy has.

This option can be enabled/disabled in game options menu.

Note that in this patch, enemies regenerate life when disengage out of combat.


This quality of life change makes crafting more easy, because no longer is required to find an Alchemy table on the map.

Instead, just open the Character panel and click the "Anvil" icon. It will open the Crafting panel.

Note that has some limitation, it cannot be used while in a Boss fight.

Developer Notes

I'm sorry for not updating the game in a long time. As a solo developer I don't have the time or resources I need to make faster changes/testing or creating new content.

Nevertheless, I will continue to working and releasing small patches/hotfixes more regularly.

This patch is the result of months of work. It was planned to be deployed with the new DLC I'm working on, but the progress is going slow, so I decided to make a patch with all the finished changes.

I'm happy to make it a better game.

Have fun!

Changelog 1.3.0

  • 30+ Legendary items with unique and powerful effects
  • Legendary items level up with you automatically
  • Normal enemies have a chance to drop legendary items
  • Bosses drop a guaranteed legendary item
  • Bosses are now immune to Fear and Petrified effects
  • Enemies regenerate life when disengage out of combat
  • New enchants for weapons and armor
  • Added the option to display enemies Life Bar (Game Options)
  • Hard and Hero difficulties now reduces player resistances
  • Wisdom Trials rewards you with a Legendary chest for each completed level
  • Wisdom Trials Legendary chests have one random legendary item and useful potions
  • Crafting is now accesible anywhere using a button in the Character panel
  • Crafting is not available during boss fights
  • New archivement for completing Wisdom Trials in Hero difficulty
  • Added bullet trails to Arrows
  • Increased projectile speed to all Arrows
  • Map panel scales to fit the interface properly
  • Chests with items inside have sparkles as indicator
  • Legendary items always show up first in the inventory
  • Loot drops have a text display with the name of the item
  • Loot Text can be toggled on/off with [Alt] key
  • Pressing [Control] key while mouseover any Loot Text shows the item info
  • [Left Click] on any Loot Text will pick up that item
  • Desintegrate animations are now slightly faster
  • Desintegrate animations don't interrupt other effects like [Elemental Explosion] talent
  • Reduced enemy density on Earth maps
  • Reduced enemy density on the second level of Wisdom Trials
  • Poison/Thorn Bulb enemies no longer drop items when killed
  • [Strong Arm Bow] now has 10% ignore armor
  • [Potion of Absorption] shield bonus reduced from 50% to 35%, and duration from 60s to 30s
  • [Hawkeye] talent damage bonus reduced from 50% to 30%
  • Bleed Effect now causes ABSOLUTE damage (ignores armor and resistances)
  • Improved Bleed animation
  • Improved "Energy Shield" animations
  • Improved enemy Beholder animation
  • Improved loading screen visuals
  • Improved Poison/Thorn Bulb enemy texture and animations
  • Improved Status text visibility (Burn, Stun, Poison, Frozen, Bleed)
  • Improved many interface visuals
  • Improved enemy collisions
  • Improved many object textures
  • Improved light map rendering (~50% faster!!)
  • Improved shaders performance
  • Improved perfomance and stability on many maps
  • Fixed main menu camera going outside map bounds
  • Fixed player stuck relocation on some maps
  • Fixed talent [Secret Recipe] not displaying the time increase
  • Fixed items enchanted with [Elementium] removing more than one enchant slot
  • Fixed picking up items with [Space] key displaying multiple notifications
  • Fixed some objects cannot interact because "Too far away" message
  • Fixed many bugs and text corrections

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