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Big patch for Botlike - a robot's rampage brings new level, new boss, six new difficulty modes and lots more.

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Hello fine Sirs and Madams,

it has been quiet for a while now in Rust town. But the League isn't destroyed yet. Quite the Contrary. They are getting stronger every day as if they knew that something big were coming for them.


Today's patch will bring you a load of new content and probably several hours of shooting joy. There is a new boss - the „Sägewerksvorsteher“ - chief of the regional forest clearance department. And he is not happy to see that S.I.R. is killing all his workers. So be prepared for an assault!

New boss

He will be the last resistance in the outer skirts of Rust Town and after defeating him you can continue your way and search for an entrance, a possibility to get up in their station and defeat the League once and for all. A friendly engineers unit told you that there is an outpost of the League somewhere in the huge graveyard just behind the mountain. A huge battle took place there, when the last war was fought and is now the last home for millions and millions of brave brothers and sisters. They have a transportation device there for sure. It has to be. But it will be protected.

scrapyard indiedb 2scrapyard indiedb 1

This will not be easy terrain. You have to adapt to new situations and obstacles. But we have widened your upgrade options. The overall progress you get through buying new parts at the Gemischtwarenhändler in Rust Town has been reworked and new tiers has been added. And you probably going to need them all.

At least if you are trying to beat all the 6 new difficulty modes we implemented. Starting the game their will be three modes unlocked. Civilian Mode (easy), Standard Unit Mode (normal) and Decorated Warbot Mode (hard). Beat the game in the hardest mode and unlock the next one. Keep your progress (or reset if you like the pain) and become the ultimate war machine as you fight your way through the army the League sends against you in ever-increasing waves.

madness indiedb

And of course there has been quite a lot of bug fixes and tweaks. Further balancing and little improvements here and there. Below you find the complete patch notes:

Patch notes Botlike 0.4.0

- Added second level! New biotope scrapyard, with 12 new maps, new mechanics and new encounters

- added new Boss to the end of level one. The Guardian is now protecting the Scrapyard and is still your final encounter

- added 6 new difficulty settings. Only the settings civilian mode (easy), standard unit mode (normal), decorated war bot mode (hard) are unlocked. Clear a mode to unlock further difficulty modes

- added 2 new kinds of turrets. One has a fixed position, the other aims at the player. They both are equipped with different weapons and shooting pattern

- added new firetraps that deal damage and knock back

- added new scrap press trap in different variants

- added new enemy that shoots slow but strong projectiles

- added grenades as weapon for enemy turret

- added moving platforms reworked the main menu into a dynamic background scene

- added logo animation on game start

- fixed the actor 'glide' bug when the actor was behaving like on ice

- fixed a bug where the boss health bar was shown even after his death

- fixed champions no longer can be killed with incinerator

- changed world generation: world is now 45000 pixels long for each first and second level

- changed loot spawn tables: Slightly increased amount of circuits dropped. Plasma and rocket launcher loot chance also raised a little

- a lot of bug fixes and tweaks

We hope everyone will enjoy this new patch. As always, please feel free to leave us a comment or feedback here on steam. Or visit us on twitter or on our discord server.

And dont forget, Botlike is currently 50% off, over Brightlocker (limited amount)

Have a great day!

Team Binji

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