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Wondering if the Beta was good? Or what things were kinda lacking. (Besides action)

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So we just had a public beta! The first fully open public beta! How was it? Fun? Eye opening to how big the world is now? Anyway answer below in the comments! Would you guys want another beta, maybe when the game is almost done, before its been tested, maybe put it out a week early as a limited access beta, with access only to the goals? If you are interested in the beta releases let me know, you could work with me, on getting people amped up for them! Besides the beta, we have a big announcement to make! We got down to designing the case for the physical disc version of the game! The image will be posted here at a later date! Also, Neer is almost fully done, i know i know, we are taking our sweet time with this game. Well do you want a rushed game, or a perfected masterpiece? Well ok maybe were to full of ourselves, but this game will be good, maybe not a masterpiece though. From what we have made so far, it is shaping up to be an adult only game, with some very mature content. Blood has been added to this game, as well as many other things we are sure you will enjoy, the goal of this game is to turn Freedom into a story driven experience! The goals remain, but now take a backseat to the story. Sneak around, do some driving, complete the story! Coming well not to soon, we are taking our time after all!

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