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In this update I will talk about a day of work. Sometimes it gets complicated to realize what is wrong with the programing and sometimes it is hard to solve the animation problems... but it is always GREAT to keep trying and keep working ;)

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18/05/2011 (First In-game Test)

10:20 am
The work in progress is complicated, but if I can finish the modeling, I will be able to make another big step in the new engine (jomart2000 taught me, for four years now, about it and we had being great friends since then). We could create this engine with effort and dedication on C+.

11:50 am (First In-game Contact)
Jomart and I shaped the alpha of the engine, the animations and the way in which the allies (human soldiers) work together. I just can’t stop thinking: It is beautiful to see how the plans of making just a game for the friends became into a very coveted project.

12:00 pm (Test Finished)
We test the Alpha many times and we saw many programming errors and failures in the 3D animations (not everything is finished yet). The animations have some problems, like Derrick keep going to his knees every time he shoots his weapon, a massive FAIL.

1:00 pm (Day Work Finished)
We agreed that jomart would work this week in the engine and the codes, while I would create the missing models and the first multiplayer map.

This day was a GREAT day to test all the work.


cant wait!

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Awsum to hear! So when do we get some videos?

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