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The Beta Demo has been released. First thoughts and reviews about Euthanasia.

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It took me a while, but after some tweaks I was able to release a
stable Beta Demo to the German and the official FPSC Community. I would
like to post some thoughts/reviews and comments about that 1 Level Beta

"You're the master of creepieness."

- TheK. Developer of the award winning FPS Game "Canalyst" (can be found here on moddb, so check it out.)

"Played. Afraid. Loved. "

"Euthanasia felt creepy, disturbing and was, by far, the most thrilling
horror experience I've ever encountered in the FPSC scene.

Detailed environments, great huds, good weapon textures and a perfect sound design...

The scaryness is present troughout the whole game, there's no moment to
relaxe, you always feel scared, haunted it's like developing paranoia.

Even though some rooms don't seem to have enemys, your still awaiting them and can't stay calm."

"The Silent Hill of the FPSC Scene"
- Doomster. Texture Artist, Programmer, Genius and a good friend of mine.

"Well, I downloaded and played the game. I have to say, I'm very impressed!

The game's level design and atmosphere is dark, scary and very well prestended!"

- Lewis. FPSC Best of the Best Developer

"I've played a LOT of scary games in my time, but not many... no, NONE were as scary as the demo of euthanasia."

-Bugsy. Molten Byte Design.

a few comments I wanted to show. I also can announce that I won`t
release a Demo (non Beta Demo) since the game will have only 3 (very
long) levels.

I'm currently working on bugfixes and the design of the second level.

-Wolf (Serygala)


Hey, the demo was wonderfull man I can't wait for the full version.

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Serygala Author

Thanks for playing :)

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