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It's that time again. Time for a beefy major release! Except instead of beef, it's full of fruits and veggies, with "Cultivate" being the theme this time around. In this major update, you'll find some of the top voted items in the last "wishlist" and polls being addressed.

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Hey everybody!

It's that time again. Time for a beefy major release! Except instead of beef, it's full of fruits and veggies, with "Cultivate" being the theme this time around. In this major update, you'll find some of the top voted items in the last "wishlist" and polls being addressed, such as:

  • Plant growth stages and treating trees like all other plants in the game.
  • Harvesting action for non-destruction resource gathering on plants.
  • Kindling groups added for easier fire starting management.
  • Casual mode added for newer players learning the game or for those that want a less hardcore experience.
  • More favorable cave system (more grouped ores, easier to find treasures), but more compact and potentially more hazardous.
  • Performance improvements and optimizations.
  • Tons of new content: a new hairstyle, a new creature, and many new items and plants.
  • Movement improvements and options for tweaking turning delay.
  • Many reputation tweaks, making it easier to gain benignity.

We're excited about this batch of changes, but like usual, we are even more excited about the next major release of Wayward and the future to come. Hopefully this big collection of improvements, bug fixes, and new features will tide you over until beta 2.5... and multiplayer!

You'll see a showcase of all of these changes in more in the beta 2.4. preview video:



  • Added over 25 new items, mostly new fruits, vegetables, seeds, and plant resources.
  • Added a new harvesting action that gathers fruits/vegetables/resources from plants without destroying them (like gathering does).
  • Added a non-permadeath casual mode.
  • There is now a 6-7 stage growing cycle for all plant life (including trees) with unique graphics for all stages of development.
  • Added four new types of trees that feature new spawn locations and biomes. Trees with berries/vines/fungus have been converted to apple/cypress/spruce trees on older saves.
  • Added a new "Direction Turn Delay" option.
  • New games will now use window positions, sizes and opened status from the last save you played in (or died in).
  • Added a new gardening skill for tilling, watering, and fertile soil/compost/fertilizer crafting.
  • Added new "kindling" group that allows use for twigs, tree bark, or new wooden dowels.
  • Added dismantle item images in item tooltips.
  • Wooden shavings are now dismantled from twigs or wooden dowels (instead of crafted directly from twigs).
  • Trees are now considered "doodads" and will feature a growth/life cycle similar to all plants.
  • Added "wooden dowels", dismantled from wooden poles and used as kindling or as hinges in woodworking recipes.
  • Added a new long style haircut.
  • Fire starting requirements now check the tile you are starting a fire on instead of specifically needing the materials in your inventory to start it.
  • Added two new milestones: "Boundless" and "Talented".
  • Skill reputation impact is now listed in skill tooltips.
  • Added a forceWaveAudio launch option for sound debugging (if audio in-game is not working for you).
  • Added the lively, yet hardy goat creature.
  • Traps will now pause creatures or you for a turn when doing damage.
  • Tree fungus (now honey fungus) exists on top of trees and can spread to some surrounding trees. It can also be harvested directly.
  • You can now rename tamed creatures.
  • Item quality now adds bonuses for consumables.
  • The stat effects for consumables are now revealed in item tool-tips (if you have used them before).


  • Turning is no longer delayed in the same fashion as actual movement, allowing you to turn more responsively, but delay your movement as much as you want (using the new Direction Turn Delay option).
  • Performance across the board has been improved, and CPU usage has been decreased.
  • Decreased first game loading times by a few seconds, possibly more on lower-end machines.
  • Added damage types to all non-blunt items so that throwing things like sharp rocks will now count as slashing/piercing and bone fragments as piercing for example.
  • The damage from traps is now revealed in their messages.
  • Transmogrification no longer reduces the item's maximum durability. (Thanks Skarn22!)
  • All plants have been renamed to their real-life counterparts and produce more realistic resources.
  • There is now a growing/decay variation present on corpses, doodads (plants) and tile events (fire).
  • Trap door spiders will no longer move on top of water.
  • Creatures will no longer get stuck behind doodads and fire that would otherwise block their movement.
  • Fertile soil will now provide growth speed bonuses on anything planted on top of it. Plants will also have more fertility (can propagate) during their last growth stage if planted on it.
  • Fixed some landmass distortion near the borders of the world's edge in world generation.
  • Dismantle/disassembly requirements now show in red if you do not have them.
  • Item weight checks are now applied to disassembly item data as well, fixing some issues where disassembling old items would result in more/less weight than original item.
  • You can now drop items on top of traps; however, it will set them off. Throwing items on top of traps will also set them off.
  • Creature health messages now reveal how your anatomy skill is effecting the analysis of their health.
  • The death message for dying by consuming an item now reveals which item it was.
  • You no longer "attempt" to drop multiple items when the attempt was successful. (Thanks cxkis!)
  • Added highlight effects as warning for encumbered/overweight statuses, parrying bonuses changes, and legendary equipment bonuses.
  • You can now gather and harvest while resources are on fire (however, it will warn and burn you).
  • Wooden poles can now be built into torch stands directly.
  • Floors will no longer clip through the end of walls, causing a visual glitch.
  • Reduced movement speeds will now appear less choppy visually.
  • Improved item border design by making them a bit more subtle with a glow and making them bit/pixel depth accurate.
  • Added message feedback for when you are attempting to do actions too quickly (through the action/item menu). (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Grass blades are now "hay" and come from multiple plants.
  • Collect, gather, and harvest are now used as fallbacks when using carve/digging actions on doodads, saving players some time not needing to specify differing actions on quickslotted items.
  • Sharp rocks can now be dismantled into stones.
  • You can now purify water (as opposed to just being able to desalinate) using solar/water stills.
  • The click noise is no longer triggered when changing directions when the action menu is open.
  • Watering plants will now provide growth speed benefits instead of fertility benefits.
  • Stone knives are now slashing/piercing instead of just slashing.
  • You can now drop items on top of a solar still; however, it will no longer desalinate while items are on top of it.
  • Movement slowdown when encumbered and overweight is now scaled based on how close or over you are to your weight limit instead of hard values.
  • Improved cave terrain generation to increase their cavernous appearance. Giant cave lakes are a bit smaller and include more interesting geological formations.
  • Boiled eggs now require tongs instead of a skewer.
  • The "gather" action now applies to doodads that have resources (previously just limited to trees/rocks). "Pick-up" is now reserved for doodads that are structures/built objects.
  • Improved the readability of skill descriptions.
  • Improved the grammar of all item dropping messages.
  • The weight of doodads is now checked on game load to make sure they don't go out of normal range on weight updates.
  • You no longer receive resources when caving in a cave entrance/exit.
  • Setting off traps while walking over them no longer automatically picks them up on the same turn.
  • Added failure messages for gathering, digging and tilling.
  • Improved milestone progress performance.
  • Doodad tooltips will now name doodads based on their growth stage.
  • Removed acorns, saplings and big berry items from the game. These have been replaced by other similar items.
  • Trampling and extinguishing fire (by pouring water/dousing with items) now increases reputation.
  • All game and Steam icons changed to graphic where Wayward character is not cut off/cropped.
  • A loading screen is now shown while travelling (instead of just a black screen with no visuals).
  • The actions menu is now disabled while sleeping/resting.
  • You now "drown" in water when out of stamina while swimming, instead of just "working yourself into exhaustion".
  • The resting/sleeping interrupted message now reveals why you were woken up.
  • Simplified the fire making step within the Starter Quest by merging two quests together.
  • Equipped torches now produce ash just as built torch stands do. (Thanks GauHellDragon!)
  • Added a confirmation dialog for releasing tamed creatures.
  • You can no longer use actions while moving (which could sometimes lead to multiple turns happening simultaneously).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where tamed creatures would not defend you properly.
  • Fixed an issue where you could parry the burning damage from lava. (Thanks Yenwood!)
  • Fixed a bug where travelling away did not give a reputation boost. (Thanks blay.paul!)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented ore veins from being any larger than two connected ores. Slightly re-balanced ore spawning with this fix.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented doors from saving their orientation (when placed vertically).
  • Fixed pirate ghosts not being able to fly over mountains.
  • Fixed a bug that removed any item thrown/shot on to a stack of 12 or more items. (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed a bug where players could set down a chest, collect it, then continue to put items in the chest, deleting all items on close. (Thanks Xech!)
  • Fixed cave entrances having a lowered rate for caving them in when digging on them. (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed an incorrect reputation value for clay walls and flooring (changed from -25 to +25). (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • You can no longer exploit/spam the use of actions from the action menu faster than should have been possible.
  • Fixed an oversight that resulted in shot ammunition not triggering lava effects when landing into lava.
  • Fixed sorting crafts by unlocked time not working. (Thanks GauHelldragon!)
  • Fixed a very obscure edge case where animated doodads/tiles could animate to an incorrect graphic. (Thanks the rift!)
  • Fixed a layout issue that caused the scrollbar in windows to shift items around in the window when it appeared/disappeared. (Thanks the rift!)
  • Fixed a sorting/item dragging issue where you could not accurately drop the item to the bottom of the container/inventory on occasion.
  • Fixed a rare bug where you could start without a starting skill.
  • Fixed cases where a map might not show the red damaged border after using it.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't drop items on the same tile as an open wooden gate.
  • Fixed some instances of creatures not facing the proper direction when moving left to right or vice versa.
  • Fixed an issue where some items (found as loot) would disassemble to the wrong amount of items.
  • Fixed Open Broadcaster Software not rendering Wayward in Game/Window Capture modes.
  • Fixed worm meat not being grouped as "insect". (Thanks sechsauge!)
  • Fixed an issue where at noon and midnight the sundial would result in a message stating "It appears to be around zero o'clock." (Thanks Xech!)
  • Fixed an issue with where giant rat graphics were improperly positioned when moving west.
  • Fixed an instance where creatures could become invisible due to a misalignment of position.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple items/UI elements were not being highlighted while going through the Starter Quest steps.
  • Fixed container sorting (for tile chests/containers) not saving when "Keep Sort Active" was enabled. (Thanks wayfarer!)
  • Fixed an issue where using certain actions from quickslots would trigger the clicking noise.
  • Fixed skeletal remains removing itself and "returning to life" even though it never did when the tile was blocked.
  • Fixed various typos in doodad and item descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where highlighting effects would not properly fade out and abruptly cut the animation short before ending.
  • Fixed the outdated skeletal mage description text.
  • Fixed a bug where changelog buttons had an incorrect font size when using the alternate font. (Thanks Monkeys!)
  • Flying creatures will no longer make splash particles when flying over water.
  • Fixed a bug that loaded the wrong changelog versions after importing an older save game (or moving up versions).
  • You will no longer go the same seed/map when traversing the sea/sailing to civilization when not moving/passing a single turn in between. (Thanks blay.paul!)


  • Tweaked the abundance of needles by reducing durability of animal claws, making the dismantling of bone fragments only return one bone needle and reducing the chance of getting animal claws from some animals.
  • You now require to be holding an item in each hand to get the defense bonus from your parrying skill.
  • Reduced lumberjacking and mining malignity (reputation decrease) rates slightly.
  • Gardening endeavors now gives more reputation over all actions (tilling, planting, watering, etc.).
  • Increased the time it takes for plants to grow in maturity.
  • Desalinated water now provides a bit more thirst and health benefits over purified water.
  • Leather armor now has fire resistance.
  • Lava can now burn away in rare instances.
  • Anatomy use now increases your reputation/benignity.
  • Slightly reduced skill bonus for consumable items.
  • Significantly reduced the malignity gained from gaining metabolism and stamina.
  • Inksticks are no longer consumed fully when drawing maps (some durability is just removed).
  • Reduced starting malignity slightly when playing daily challenge mode.
  • Hurting your hands can now cause bleeding rarely (based on anatomy skill).
  • Increased chance of gathering items without tools, but also increased chance of hurting your hands.
  • Decreased the benefits of coconuts and reduced the amount of coconut trees that spawn in the desert (due to new tree changes causing imbalance).
  • Decreased max attack of giant rats and claw worms slightly.
  • Gathering no longer gives you resource amounts exactly matched to your tool attack, but rather it will now be used as a maximum item amount (based on skill).
  • Dead bushes no longer give you a branch (replaced with more twigs).
  • Increased the chance to trample (extinguish) fire by walking onto it.
  • Creatures will be tamed for longer with lower taming skill values (fixing the issue where some creatures would be tamed for 1 turn with 0% skill).
  • Item dismantling can now return lower quality items based on skill (and item's base quality).
  • Added more tools to the list of possible starting tools for new games.
  • Swamp tiles can now be used to grow more types of plants.
  • There is now a success/failure state to gathering plants/fungi (like gathering from trees/rocks previously). Based on botany/mycology depending on type.
  • Increased difficulty of starting a fire slightly (based on camping skill).


  • Added a player argument to the OnTurnComplete hook.
  • Added a player argument to the ProcessInput hook.
  • Fixed some instances where mods could corrupt saves with items. (Thanks Driko!)
  • Added a OnQueueSoundEffect hook.
  • Fixed itemManager.removeContainerItems() missing the first item in the container for removal. (Thanks Amax!)
  • Added a GetNextMusicTrack hook.
  • Mods can now add new music and sound effects via addSoundEffect and addMusic.
  • The "compatibleMinorVersions" property of the mod.json is now required for mods to be enabled.


Developer Tools

  • Added a "Travel Away" debug button that bypasses requirements.
  • Noclip no longer corrupts randomness when enabled.
  • Toggle tilled will now work on facing tiles (like all other interactions).


  • You will no longer spawn on top of a doodad when reincarnating.


  • Wayward has been upgraded to use WebGL 2.0.
  • Wayward is now backed by WebAssembly technology.
  • Wayward has been updated to TypeScript 2.4.
  • Additional errors and logging are now available when the game save files exceed the maximum limit.
  • TileEvents can now exist as multiple distinct types per tile and can feature unique functionality.
  • Replaced tile.xId with tile.x (creatureId to creature, doodadId to doodad, corpseId to corpse, tileEventId to tileEvent).
  • Wayward has been upgraded to Electron v1.7.4.

It`s really awesome!!!
Keep doing this game, it`s great!

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Will do! Thanks!

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Is like Don't Starve, keep doing this game bro, its awesome ;)

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