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This is Just some General Info On Some Changes and or things that have been added..

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Note: This is Not officially out!

These are some things that i hope to accomplish by 2.0

1- Elrond Skin Bow & Sword (Done)

2- 5 More Heroes Powers Completed (Getting There...)

3- More Building Completed for the new factions (Currently Only Bowmen & Creeps)

4- Hopefully The new bases be completed.... This Might Or Might Not Happen...

5- Legolas Toggle Bow And Sword Not a Special Power....

6- Thranduil Toggle Bow and Sword..

7- Make the Bowmen Palace and The Wingless Dragon Lair Have longer times before giving resources...

8- Get A Object to be a heroic statue that gives resources for Creeps (Also Heal)

9- Make the resources from the Heroic Statues come even slower (Done)

10- Make Mallorn tree 100 instead of 200 so that it levels up slower (Done)

11- Make a New Dragon Hero For Creeps... (Other then Drogoth)

12- Take out Goblin King and Shelob from Creeps Faction (Done)

13- Make Thranduil Dragon Arrow Have reload time (Done)

14- Could Be SOME other changes but i don't no yet..

I will be releasing this Mod in different increments so that more and more of it will be done...

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