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Beta 1.0 Is Out!!! New Skins and Heroes You can download it now!! There are also new icons and EnglishSplash screens

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Beta 1.0 Is Out And In Testing!!! The Creeps and Bowmen Faction in game! (Note: they are not complete and not even close to being complete....) This is Only Beta 1.0 so there isnt that much done...

List of what has been done:

1- Elrond new skin (Elven Warrior Skin)
2- New Hero name Master Ranger (Damrod Skin)
3- Both factions in game with custom builders and 2 building complete that have been changed each...
4- Elrond, Thranduil, and Legolas have new commandsets...
5- 1 Brand new attack
6- edited FireFlight and made it Dragon Arrow but there is still fireflight
7- Elrond Word of Power regular word of power but larger radius and burns units and flys them back
8- A Few Heroes swords and bows do more damage
9- Bows shoot faster
10- All the heroes attacks that have been edited do a lot more damage
11- Hawkstrike has 3 arrows now and wounding arrow has 2 arrows now (does not show the arrows they are attached to each other)
12- New Lotr refrences and and new names...

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