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Added a menu, particles, collectible items, and more!

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This second alpha version of Beryl adds a basic menu, more puzzles, some graphical improvements, and a few new mechanics.

The Menu includes a volume control, mouse cursor selection, and an option to turn off the "glow" effect found on many objects in the game. The arrows at the bottom allow you to browse through and/or replay puzzles you have already visited. Finally, the burning disk icon will clear all saved progress in case you want to reset the game completely. This is better than nothing but will be expanded further into organized sections, with features like multiple save slots, game statistics, and so on.

The Visuals have been juiced up a bit with particle effects and animations. The selected tile will now be highlighted and moving objects around causes a cool "warp" effect. Some sprites have been brightened or otherwise made to contrast better with the surroundings.

The Gameplay has changed slightly with the addition of flowers that must be touched to activate the exit portal. Also, there are now collectible items. This delicious looking pepper thing allows the player to skip to the next puzzle. Finally, there's a new "player creature", conveyor tiles, and secrets to discover.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

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