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In this update: Seeded runs, menus restyling, speedrun timer, stats screen, and a lot of balancing and usual bugfixes.

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Hello everyone!

Other two weeks passed, and new hot stuff spawned in BeardedBear!

  • Big improvements to overall style of the game and many eyecandy have been added: death has now an animation which lets you understand what killed you, when and where you died; Main menu has now a clock style (A bit slower but much cooler); Beard selection also has been changed a lot with more funny animations. (Gifs are horrible, I do not know exactly why)


    (the circle and the pointer are still work in progress)


  • Speaking of graphics, I added an hit animation for every enemy type which helps understanding what are you doing.

  • A speedrun timer appeared in the right bottom of the screen for people want to try race the game in the future.

  • A new entry for "stats" in main menu has been added, which lets you see some info about your records and top scores (like your best run, most kills in a run, total kills, and such classified for every beard type)

  • Also in this update the experience with non-fullHD display has improved since I rethought the way of gui text are drawed. Now you can choose a fixed text scale in the options menu (or you can leave it automatically detected and adjusted), so you shouldn't see that ugly text scaling which made the text be difficult to read anymore (especially the new weapon text).
  • Five new enemy powerups: enemies deal more damage, exp is lost in shorter time, enemies drop less exp, cocoons grow faster, shorter enemies spawn timer.
  • Tweaks to enemies like: first boss now it's more balanced and interesting to fight with, generals now can also speed up time, enemies shouldn't take multi-hit with a single projectile anymore, shooter will move away from crates if it's near to it, removed "useless weapons" in the boss fight, etc...
  • Last but not least: Seed Runs!


    I managed to make a custom random generation that will not change the seed used by gamemaker, so I can make seeded runs with fixed platforms, weapons, enemies, and powerups. This is a very important step to make dailies possible!

You will be able to try all this new stuff in the next demo that I'll release in the next update (maybe you have to wait one or two week sadly).
It's all for this update, here I leave the full change log for anyone is interested in it:

  • Added globalvar with dmg stored inside for easy balancing
  • Added globalvar with enemies hp inside for easy balancing
  • Added respawn effect on walkers after teleportation
  • Added random direction to arrows
  • Added antiexp hit animation
  • Added boss hit animation
  • Added all the animation for cocoon walkers
  • Added sticky granades binding to enemies on contact
  • Added better combo effect
  • Added countdown for combo effects
  • Added speedrun timer
  • Added clock effect
  • Added to polish death menu
  • Added fade out to death
  • Added "killed by" in death menu
  • Added sprites to weapon bullets
  • Added outside room destroy event on exp
  • Added stat saving system
  • Added stats submenu in main menu
  • Added total run counter per beard
  • Added text size in options
  • Added enemies more dmg powerup
  • Added less exp timeout enemy powerUp
  • Added less exp drop enemy powerup
  • Added cocoon faster grow enemy powerup
  • Added faster spawn enemy powerup
  • Added enemy drop exp on hit
  • Added seeded runs
  • Added input for custom seed in beard selection
  • Changed cd of pistol and autopistol (lower)
  • Changed bullet dmg (lower)
  • Changed explosions hit box for player collisions
  • Changed how first boss moves on platforms
  • Changed first boss spawning enemies
  • Changed general now also make the time fast
  • Changed scaled down all the sprites for powerups
  • Changed main menu
  • Changed beard selection
  • Tweaked op bullets, now you have to be more precise on time
  • Tweaked exp values
  • Nerfed ice bullets
  • Removed water bullet in first Boss
  • Fixed exp on platforms
  • Fixed shooter and cocoon spawn not on you
  • Fixed general fake object
  • Fixed laser directions
  • Fixed portal spawning after first boss
  • Fixed time control after portal bug
  • Fixed shooter camping on crates
  • Fixed scan lines problem with saving with thin lines
  • Fixed enemy bullet multi-hit
  • Fixed crate text on all resolution
  • Fixed text problem on strange resolutions
  • Fixed weapon problem with seed

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