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An explanation of the Mechanics listed in BeardedBear's summary

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Hello everyone,

I'll do some post to explain the mechanics of my game since I could not write it all in the summary...

So, here I explain something that I personally find interesting about my game:

The Exp System.

exp bars

In my game, like in every other milions of games out there, when you kill an enemy it drops some exp particles... But in standards game you can grab it and fill your exp bar or it will vanish after some time, while in BeardedBear you have to grab that exp, since if you do not put it in your exp bar, it will not vanish but it will go to fill the enemy exp bar!

If the enemy exp bar is full the enemy will level up and at the end of the current level you will have to choose an enemy's PowerUp that will make enemies stronger in some way that you decide.

enemies pu

Then, watch out for that experience when you will play my game, you will not want buff up your enemies so easily.

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