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Brings Microsoft's Windows XP into the classic Star Wars Battlefront II! Windows XP is a 19 year old operating system for home and office users.

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New Project 2

This mod is NOT sponsored by Microsoft!

Included in this mappack are two maps, both based on iconic Windows XP themes! Introducing Earth: Bliss Hill! (Left portion is the actually original wallpaper to show comparison)

New Project 1 1

The other map is based off of my personal favorite, Space Theme. Introducing, Space Earth with custom satellite models!

space compare 1

Feel free to post feedback below. Enjoy!


3D Models (SketchFab Creators):
Akshat: Earth model & Moon model
Osegh: International Space Station
Daan van Leeuwen: Satellite
Laser Design: ????
Carlos: Wooden Sign

SomethingUnreal: Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98!
J Ritch Productions: Windows XP ERROR Song
Microsoft - Original Windows XP sounds/concepts
Nintendo - Super Mario Galaxy music

Alfking49 - Mod creator/author
MrYoloTheLegend - Play tester
Swag Swag Palatine - Play tester

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