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Its the galaxys last hope. Fight as the Rebel Alliance, The Galactic Empire, The Galactic Republic, CIS, Yuuzhan Vong, Galactic Alliance, The Confederation, Darth Kryats Galactic Empire, Chiss Acendency, Hapes Consourtium and The Sith Empire.

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Rebel Trooper
A290 blaster rifle
Class-E Thermal Detenator
Class-D Concussion Grenade

Rebel Support Trooper
A280 Blaster Rifle
Class-E Thermal Detenato
Class-D Concussion Grenade

Rebel Milita Trooper
RT-97c Heavy Rifle
J-1 Portable Missile Launcher

Rebel Medic
DE-67c Seek Rifle
CA-87 Shotgun
Ammo and Health Dispencer

Rebel Paratrooper
Fallann Hyper Rifle
DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Class-E Thermal Detenator
Class-F Smoke Grenade

Rebel Smuggler
D-7 Wookie Bowcaster
F-187 Fusion Cutter
Ammo Kit

Rebel Heavy Katarn Unit
Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
L-33 Rocket Launcher
X-7 Proximmity Mines

Rebel Field Commander
DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Orbital Strike
Thermal Emploder (my version)

Rebel Captian
A290 Blaster Rifle
DL-44 Blaster Pistol
Class-E Thermal Detenator

Rebel Special Ops Unit
DH-17 Blaster Rifle
A-3 Semastic Charge
Class-S Dioxis Grenade

Imperial Stormtrooper
E-11 Blaster Rifle
Q-1 Blaster Pistol
Class-E Thermal Detonator
Class-D Counssion Grenade

Imperial Support Trooper
E-11f Blaster Carbine
Class-E Thermal Detonator

Imperial Heavy Demolitions Trooper
F-D12 Rocket Launcher
T-21 Heavy Repeater
D-X2 Proximity Mines

Imperial Scout Trooper
E-17b Sniper Rifle
Class-E Thermal Detonator

Imperial Engineer
DP-T2 Tactical Shotgun
F-187 Fusion Cutter

Imperial Phase 1 Heavy Trooper
DZ-33 Imperial Heavy Repeater
Class-X Plasma Grenade
Class-E Thermal Detonator

Imperial EVO Trooper
DC-AR Blaster Rifle

Imperial Commader
DLT-20 Heavy Blaster Rifle
SC-14c Blaster Pistol
Orbital Strike

Imperial Captian
Q-1 Blaster Pistol
E-11 Blaster Rifle

Other eras classes will be posted

Maps include:
Jallis: Assault(Done untill further notice)
Correllia: Valley or Plains

Bespin: Sky Battle(done)
Raxus Prime: River of Junk(layout done)
Kothlis: Jungle
Felucia: Abanonded Bunker(Done)

Sepan System: Desert Planet(Done)
Sullust: Ash Valley
Ringo Vinda: Surface
Space Anaxes
Space Mykr(Done)
Anoat: City Square

Thule: Assault a sky to ground map(just started)

And some bonus maps are included

Eras include
Yuuzahn Vong War
2nd Galactic Civil War ... _Civil_War

Legacy Era ... _Civil_War
And more!

if you have an idea or request and to join the modding team (i really need one) go here-


hi everyone i have sone very sad news my harddrive on my computer is broken amd there was no recovery data. iwill have to shutdown Star Wars: Battlefront Last Hope for good and forever i am sorry for anyone who was looking forward to this mod it will be missed.


Totally support you for this mod, this is what I've been dreaming of since my childhood...
Will the gameplay be totally changed, or will you keep the good ol' vanilla gameplay (Time To Kill) adding elements?

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