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Battlefield 3 screen

So, the new details are:

  • Co-op splitscreen (PC) isn't planned on game's start
  • Splitscreen on consoles isn't possible because of hardware limits
  • Consoles will have the commo rose, but after release
  • Unlimited sprint like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, possibility to strafe
  • 9 multiplayer maps (known so far: Operation Metro, Caspian Border; + 4 maps in Back to Karkand DLC)
  • Dog Tag customization will be possible after reaching some level
  • Planes have limited amount of rockets, you need to return to the airfield for resupply
  • Hardcore and Infantry Only game modes
  • Kill cam in normal mode
  • You'll be able to spawn directly in planes on Conquest maps
  • Planes are able to fly very high, but controls are lost at 1000 m
  • Mobile 60 mm mortar
  • Conquest Flags are going to have unique names and marks
  • LAN and public server files aren't supported (anti piracy)
  • A-10 and AH-6J Littlebird are accessible in multiplayer
  • Choppers are not going to have stabilization anymore, controls are more similar to BF2
  • The carrier on Wake Island won't be able to controlled
  • Punkbustersupport will provide the possibility to make PB-screenshots
  • Squad Menu shown on GamesCom isn't final
  • Team Deathmatch is possible on all 9 maps (no info about DLC but I guess it'd be possible as well)
  • Maximum amount of players in TDM is 24 (12 vs. 12)
  • 24 player maps are going to be cut in size
  • There won't be dynamical map size changes
  • Autobalance is going to be similar to BF: BC 2
renegadekiller - - 1,319 comments

o nice, bringing back classic chopper flight.

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PeacefulPatriot - - 1,514 comments

Only 9 maps? Sadface.

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DedMustDie Author
DedMustDie - - 693 comments

I don't think that there're much more in BFBC2 but the game is popular.

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Circular0rb - - 2,124 comments

Nice A10 :D

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