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This is the Basilisk Beam Cannon Unit Profile. Credits to Starfox100 and ik008 for helping with the video. EDIT: A lagging problem with my internet browser caused the deletion of this profile and therefore I had to upload it again. I am very sorry for your incovenience.

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Designation: BA-2
Affiliation: Nod
Role: Anti- structure, Anti- vehicle
Armament: Triple Laser
Type: Medium Artillery
Speed: Medium


After the Firestorm Crisis, Nod split into many different Splinter Factions. The most powerful of them was the Black Hand, led by Anton Slavik. Many questioned Slavik's right to be the leader of the Black Hand, and most of all Brother Marcion, who had gained a pretty big number of supporters. Marcion and Slavik rivalled at many things for one to prove himself more worthy than the other, one of them was the creation of an artillery unit. Marcion's science team created the Basilisk Beam Cannon, a unit which could fire laser beams from a far distance, charge Obelisk defences and deploy Stealth Generators. After Slavik's dissappearance, the Basilisk became the Black Hand's most widely used artillery.

The Basilisk Beam Cannon, alongside Slavik's Cobra, were the only artillery units that every Nod commander would have access to and were mass produced by Nod. The Basilisk Beam Cannon was changed to firing three laser beams at one, becoming a threat even to infantry. The Basilisk's Stealth Generators though at some times and without warning turned off, leaving the covered Nod units unprotected, and thus were removed from the Basilisk. Instead, it got stronger laser capacitors, allowing it to shoot a very strong laser beam at one target, but would shut down for a while after doing so that its engine wouldn't overheat. It also kept its abillity to charge Obelisks of Light, to make them shoot faster and increase their range, but an Obelisk could accept only four Basilisks to carge it. Nod commanders were deploying it in big numbers, and they were a match even to heavy armor.

"Nod commanders are being more defencive using their Basilisks' charging power giving the Obelisks much superior range and rate of fire. The Basilisks have weak armor and aren't very effective unless they are in strong numbers, making it easier for us to destroy them."

--GDI Commander's Guide, Nod Arsenal, Basilisk Beam Cannon--

Surrender, Cause We Are Many
The Basilisk is a vehicle of the numbers. That means that one Basilisk alone is ineffective and easy to destroy, but in big numbers, it's an unstoppable force destroying anything in its way with its lasers. Their triple laser is also very effective against light infantry, and heavy, provided that the Basilisks are numerous. They aren't able to attack aircraft though, making them a very easy target for Orcas, Stormriders and Banshees.

As said above, one Basilisk is not good enough... if using the conventional attack. The Basilisk can fire a charged laser beam to annihilate weak enemy buildings and vehicles, but shuts down for a while after that, so this abillity must be used carefully. The Basilsk can also charge Obelisk defences, and double or even triple its range and rate of fire, making it the ultimate base defense.o be deploying a new vehicle in large numbers. It is using a laser cannon simmilar to the one used by the Avatar, but it is weaker, far range and can shoot three similar lasers simultaneously becoming a grave danger to our light infantry forces. The most worrying fact though is their abillity to charge Obelisks. Many of our assaults on well-protected Nod compounds

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*Guards on the ground*

Well, there was not one profile talking about the Basilisk? Or I´m having a Deja Vu? Anyway, nice one.

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read the description, there was one and i am explaining about this on the description.

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