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I'm almost ready with the basic combat system and dugeon system.

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I'm almost ready with the basic combat system and dugeon system.

Combat skills :

Attack : basic damage
Strength : chance to damage critical
Defense : % damage reduction
Hitpoints : *10 health

You can set dugeon spawners in source sdk with 6 options

Mob : for example npc_headcrab
Range : range within mobs can spawn
Respawn time : when u kill a mob respawn in x seconds
Minimum/Maximum lvl : Well, actually it is hard to explain, the system is a bit complicated soo :
minimum and maximum level for a mob. BUT when u check a mob's lvl it will show more than the max lvl it is because that is combat lvl which means :

the mob's (attack + strength + defense + (lvl * 3)) / 3

a lvl gives 1 to each stat

and finally:
maximum mob : how many mobs can the spawner spawn maximum.

You can set mobs attributes with a single line:
SetMobInfo("npc_headcrab","Headcrab",2,4,1,8,{"hea dcrab_head",1,30,"gold",2,80})
SetMobInfo(mob's name,visible name,attack,strength,defense,health,{item name,amount,chance[%]})

I hope u understand the important parts. [sorry for bad english]

And I added a new skill called alchemy. You can make potions and things like that ^^

xcv2008 - - 284 comments

Will they actually appear as Headcrabs? Or will there be a replacement, or a completely different NPC? I like the idea of Alchemy as a skill, I've had the same idea before - for something completely different, and in all honesty, non-existent.

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runamagic Author
runamagic - - 99 comments

Yep, check out the new dungeon video

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zamphire1 - - 3 comments

how do i get the mod

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