Post news RSS Base nearly finished and new logo comming soon

The egil base is nearly finished, a pic ingame comming soon ! :D And a new logo comming soon!

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The E.G.I.L. base is nearly finished!

Just need very good texturing.

Just wait a moment for see a pic of this ingame.
The moment of find a texturing.

A new logo comming soon!

People Researched:
1 MODELER, plz need this :/
1 TEXTURING, plz need this :/
1 SOUNDER plz, need this

Modeler: tibononoX_rdr12 / Other Modeler Researched
Texturing: Researched / Other Texturing Researched
Coder: yair1221/ Other Researched
Sounder: Researched
Converter: Crazzy_Ki3t!
Webmaster: fluxxx


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