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Hello folks, it has been a month since our Steam launch and now we are happy to announce our first update v1.1!

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Patch notes v1.1

  • Game is now available for Mac
  • Now you can scout below before leaping by pressing down key.
  • Lighting changes applied to World 1. Now it is brighter
  • Now you are immune to damage for 3 seconds after leaving the shop/event rooms.
  • Fire icon added to the timer.
  • Evil Tome health reduced from 4 to 3
  • Toxic Goo health reduced from 5 to 4

Shop Changes

  • 3 Way Daggers cost reduced from 225 to 150 Gems.
  • Axe cost is reduced from 175 to 125 Gems.
  • Chakram cost is reduced from 185 to 110 Gems.
  • Twin Axe cost is reduced from 350 to 225 Gems.
  • Shield cost is reduced from 300 to 175 Gems.
  • Power cost is reduced from Power*200 to 150+Power*200 Gems.
  • Magic Glasses cost is reduced from 125 to 100 Gems.
  • Sprint Shoes cost is reduced from 200 to 125 Gems.
  • Sphere Barrier cost is reduced from 172 to 125 Gems.
  • Golden Clock cost is reduced from 150 to 100 Gems.

New Content

  • New item added - Locked Chest & Key
  • New enemy added - Stinky
  • New enemy added - Flamy
  • New secret level added - Flamy's Treasure

And we have some surprises for halloween.

If you would like to support us , we have just launched our Thunderclap campaign to raise awareness of Bard's Gold.

Thanks for your time and support!

- Erdem

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