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Going over why there has been a lack of news for a few months

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The Bad News

So, I don't really know how to say much of what I'm going to say, so I'm going write this from the top . .

You might notice many of the development photos are gone, and all of the previous articles I wrote for the mod (not to mention my absence and the update that never came that next week)

In early December my computer fried itself, somehow the power supply exploded and everything was destroyed, unfortunately none of the models were retrievable, the only one I have currently is the Paris Class Frigate but a very early version of it because I saved it to a cloud storage. I was hoping to be able to give much good news as I was getting ready to take in-game screenshots of units and some short clips of gameplay, I created a YouTube channel to upload development clips and videos as well music made for the mod, but I lost everything

All the progress I made of the mod is gone, there is nothing that I can show for what I had accomplished

I went out of my way to work on both ground and space combat to give an idea of what each would look like and work, I had an untextured but fully animated Warthog model, 3 different marine models that were colored but not textured and the Scorpion was fully textured and animated, there was a very rough Pelican model that was going to be in one of the clips, I finished Paris Class Frigate and was going to show it off with fully textured Long Swords and a Charon Class Frigate that I teased a while back in an image

I'm not going to give up on this mod, I'm currently building a replacement PC from the ground up, everything in the last one was unusable for obvious reasons, but I wouldn't expect anything about the mod anytime soon, I want to tell everyone that follows the mod and anyone reading this that is interested in the mod, I'm extremely sorry

Possible Good News However Unrelated

I have a couple of projects I'm working on, I won't go into what they are, or why I'm working, here because it's nothing for you all to be concerned about and they are unrelated to the mod, but they will probably be my focus for a while

Also, if you would like me to upload and continue to work on the music for this mod let me know, I'll link the mods YouTube channel and start uploading the music there, it's really all I have the ability to work on at the moment

I sincerely apologize, again, for the lack of good news and possible disappointment



That is very sad... losing all of the progress you hard worked on...
But I see you're determinated to make the community happy and I really appreciate it.

Good luck out there. I know that is not very easy situation for you.


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