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Hunt Down The Freeman: Fall of Freedom is gone? Why?

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"A previous hire has been unable — or unwilling — to perform the tasks laid before him. We have struggled to find a suitable replacement. Until now." -Gman

Hello Rawflesh here, first let me express myself that I am NOT the creator of this mod because I never design Half Life throughout my life. I was used to be the remake version of the writer to change the story into a different direction. However, there is some bad news. The remake of Half Life Hunt Down The Freeman: Fall of the Freedom has now being ceased developing. Yesterday, I message to Vandercold to help for this garbage to golden opportunity, and somehow he felt his demanding isn't going to continue this project or not. I don't like to see the what Berkan has turned the game with wasteful meme jokes, unfunny mods, and even wasting talented. I can't say that the mod is dead or not (if he changed his mod or not), and I don't want to let our new developers to be washed out from this.

I'm afraid that Hunt Down The Freeman: Fall of the Freedom has stopped developing, and these developers except Vandercold aren't going to give up. I don't know who's going to revise this game better? AshleyKaichu got started to revise his Hunt Down The Freeman game aka Mutual Inductance, I email him few months ago, and he hasn't got a chance to reply back. His position was to fix, number of gliches of the levels, lack of subtitles, etc. Although I prefer with Vandercold Hunt Down The Freeman is cooler because it would bring new characters, long story depth, fixing errors (distorts out some glitches, bugs, replacing some bad models, and even revising the plot) which bring a good start to made a better version.

I don't want to give up for letting his project down, and I don't know what's next? Crowbar Collective isn't going to have a chance to revise it because their busy working on Black Mesa, Tripmine Studio is still developing Operation Black Mesa, and I don't think other people would like to fix this game I guess. What see from other perspective of HDTF such as the memes junk mods were more wasteful of meme to make Hunt Down The Freeman unjustified and non-helpful.

I finished writing two story of acts of Hunt Down The Freeman, and also some drawing concepts to make. Although the creator states that the mod is dead because he doesn't want to bother working on Hunt Down The Freeman anymore. For me, I prefer to push forward without giving up.

If anyone who wishes to continue this project from trash to golden opportunity. Please speak up, or gave yourself to stick around with those bad memory of Hunt Down The Freeman around your head. It's your choice now.



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