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The mod will still continue, but progress will be take time.

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News 1:
Well, apperantly it is proving to be impossible to change the light on individual levels. I´ll work on it maybe a little more, but it probably won´t work. Anyway, here is the bad news. I accidentally erased my level 1 files. So, most of the work so far has been erased. I´ll probably be able to recreate what I had done, but it might take time. So, future updates might not happen soon.

News 2:
Well, some of my friends have asked me if this game will add anything new, or have different levels. Well, sadly no. Disaster warning will be basically just like Bad Day La, in gameplay and level design, but with a different story and different things. The reason why is because "Bad Day LA" is not a mod friendly game. First of all, there is no level editor. I have to use Valve Hammer Editor, and that doesn´t work because bad day la does not use PAK files. Second, the game uses so many text files. It is to time consuming to sit and scroll a txt file until you find the line of code you want.

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