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Bad news....and some details about what's coming next.

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I have some bad news for you all...yesterday my Pc crushed and I can't work on my project for the next 2 weeks. I'm so sorry and I promise to you that I'll be working on my project as soon as I can! :( I will tell you about what's coming next in my project.
After I'll repair my PC I'll be working on the model of Grom Helscream....It wasn't made by me....the autor is Vaanel. I'll only animate it and add team color to it's textures. After that the next models that I'm gonna make will be: Samuro/Blade Master, Far Seer, Tauren Chieftain( different from the model of Cairne Bloodhoof), Rexxar and Misha, then Rokhan and after that I'll be making the Chaos Orcs.
After I'll finish all the units and heroes that represent the Orc campaign I'll start making their buildings!
After all of these the Humans are next....then the Undeads, Night Elves, Nagas, and then finally all the Creeps and their buildings.....but that's not all! After all of these I'll try to add new doodads models, new trees, new tilesets, new UI, new sound.....In fact I'll try to change everything in this game. I hope that you understand that....I'll need time to finish all of these....probably one year or so.

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