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It´s been a long time, but future updates will also appear here on IndieDB

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A lot of things happened since the last update here on IndieDB. I´m sorry I haven't post any news here but it took too much effort to update all the different channels (website, facebook, steam etc...). Anyway...I also had some private changes (moved into a new house) which also took some time...but now there a no excuses any more so here we go:

  • All existing buildings have been recreated from 2D drawings to 3D renderings (since there now is a rotatable map feature). So far almost half of the objects for the game have been drawn.
  • Also a stadium has been finished, but there will be some more stadiums to give the player some variety
  • Some of the buildings are also available in different stages (e.g. apartments grow by their residents, it only grows if people feel happy and safe in the apartments environment)
  • Buildings also have figure calculations implemented. That calculation checks if a road connection exists and how much taxes you get by the amout of residents and so on)
  • The map is now - as already mentioned - rotatable and is generated by using the technique Perlin Noise
  • Also a heatmap has been added to the game where you can easily check the game figures (security, satisfaction, education, ...)
  • Some more engine basic controls (new building menue functionality with much better performance) have been added (sounds boring but since I create the engine all by myself this also has to be done ;))
  • There is life in the city. Cars are driving around, dependent on the amount of people living in your city. Actually there is a simulation (people drive to building where they want to go to e.g. hospital etc.)
  • Improved algorithm for road connection search
  • More improvements on the sound engine as well so the sound reacts on your camera position
  • I’ve implemented a „New game“ screen with several settings (e.g. map size, country where you want to play in and many more). The game already contains different game modes. More details will not be revealed so far ;-)
  • Concept has changed in many ways (be patient for more updates in the future)
  • Final GUI has been created in the meantime since I wasn’t satisfied with the last version.

If you want to see some visual stuff, screenshots etc. have a look at the projects website or visit the facebook page.

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