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Awakening of Europe v. 1.0 available for download

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Developer: AoE_Team.
For the game: Men of War: Assault Squad 2 (3.262.0).
Required Mods: Red Rising 3.3

Features of the mod:
-New plot;
-4 world parties to the conflict;
-10 playable countries / factions;
-3 story missions in Russia;
-2 story missions in the Middle East;
-Easter eggs in each mission with references;
-A large number of new weapons and ammunition;
-A large number of new units;
-A lot of new technology, recycling old;
-A large number of processed sounds and textures;
-Flexible mod complexity setting (from arcade to realism);
-Atmospheric music, voice acting of soldiers and much more!

Plot: This mod addon is a global plot addition to the Red Rising 3.3 mod, which tells about the near alternative reality, where Europe and Russia are swept by a wave of disagreement among representatives of countries, which translates into a civil and, possibly, World War 3. The endless flow of migrants from the Middle East, the aggravation of the criminal situation in the countries, the endless empty promises of the authorities about a better life, the erratic increase in corruption and the decrease in the level of freedom and life in the countries of Europe and Russia by 2020 lead to full-scale uprisings in the territories of countries, civil wars, unrest and as a consequence, to a real civil war. Most popular uprisings and conflicts erupt on the territory of the Russian Federation in the winter of 2020 after the new president came to power in 2018 and the top of the current government. The new gentlemen of the Russian Federation began to pursue a criminal policy within the country, raising taxes impossible, establishing total monitoring of the population and identifying dissidents, but at the same time, simplifying the acquisition of citizenship for residents of underdeveloped countries, increasing their income from new citizens, spending it on the army, police and propaganda, sucking the last penny out of people. After a year of adoption of the new policy, a large number of ordinary Russian people, workers, employees of all spheres, began to form partisan formations to fight this regime, later, this partisan movement grew into a huge opposition force, and after that, a civil war broke out in Russia. You can take part in individual missions of the civil war in Russia in 2021, taking one of the belligerents, fight in the hot sands of the Middle East and in European countries, trample the snow in the snowy mountains of China and go the path of a real soldier and hero in the main company of the addon. I want to note that the emphasis is placed directly on the plot component of the modification rather than on multiplayer, so the development of missions is a priority of this supplement and will cover most of the development. The addon takes part of the concept of the modification of Cold War, namely that part with the invention of an effective and relatively cheap method of destroying nuclear weapons, which allows you to conduct combat operations and maneuvers directly, directly and provides many opportunities for realizing your tactical skills in battle.

- At the moment there is no multiplayer in the mod, it will be added in future versions;
- The mod works exclusively with the Red Rising 3.3 mod and uses its resources, the presence of this mod is required;
- The mod is in Russian, there is no English localization yet.

Installation: unzip to the mods folder. Connect in the game settings after the Red Rising 3.3 mod.

download mod

download mod (torrent)

Download Red Rising 3.3

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