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Talking about the Rhen avatar and user content. And about the current state of the Alpha.

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A new avatar is available on Wonder alpha. No other but Rhen Pendragon from Aveyond! I got an approval from Amanda Fitch to create this avatar. Here is a video featuring Rhen. The video is a bit boring, but the music is nice.

Avatars in Wonder use a custom file format called Image Container(.IC). Eventually all images in the game will be kept inside this file format. Theorethically you can use any IC file as your avatar. People being the curious and creative creatures they are, have tried to use all sort of IC files that I didn't intend them to use as avatars. That eventually led to my understanding of how much people like to use different avatars, especielly if it's their own custom ones. I already got two avatars made by players.

I will make an application for creating your own custom avatar, and I expect the "avatar scene" to thrive.

About the Alpha, I have removed the Alpha download from ModDB. I thought it needs a lot more polish and ironing out bugs. But if you are curious to try it already, you can PM me or reply on this news article.

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