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After some intermission time, Augustine is straightened up, and nearing completion

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After some long offline time for Augustine, we are back up on moddb, but only in 1 section. Augustine remains PC and PC only. Did we lose alot of support over that decision? Probably. Does that drag Augustine down? No.

After lots of Multilayer gameplays with friends, most bugs have been tracked down and eliminated, many new features have been added, gamemodes have been improved upon, and many other things.

You can view some of our gameplay footage of us playing Zombies here:

And more here:

That is demonstrating the power of custom gamemode creation. The possibilities are endless with gamemode creation. Not only can you create gamemodes, but you can name em, save em, and share em quite easily.

I also have plans to switch to Unity and build Augustine on that once our Quake release is out and buglessly enjoyable.

I will start posting some past development screenshots just to liven Augustine's moddb page up a bit.

And just to note, we are looking for an animator and model-texture artist so we can finish our weapon lineup.

I also have began to work on the art of the menu, and this is what has been made so far. Peoeple have given quite good feedback on it

New menu graphics

Anyways, I don't know how often I will post updates here. I post updates mainly on the forums in the announcements section, so if you want to see more, go there:

Thanks for reading.

zombiekila - - 109 comments

**** no psp

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ArkaZeen - - 1,696 comments

yay anyways! I HAVE 5 PC

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Kokumotsu - - 528 comments

for the zombie vid. i wasnt expecting to see anything like that. OMAI the music for it is epic for both vids

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DewmBot - - 518 comments

Ah good times good times

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TheillusiveMan - - 75 comments

That Zombie Marathon mode sure does look like a lot of fun. Going to be especially fun when I have some LAN parties. Can't wait for release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dman49 - - 97 comments

wait wait wait wait.. no PSP version? Bad move :(

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