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99 BOLTS places an emphasis on use of the crossbow in a barren, war-torn wasteland. This is a conspiracy-driven sniper mission.

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Hello, friends. This marks the second mid-month update to 99 Bolts. With this update comes new screenshots, new video, and some important news.

Mid-Month Update Media

New screenshots reveal a new wasteland map, brought to fruition in its basic form. While appearing to be simply an open environment to run around in, there is actually a chance to employ a degree of stealth here. The video will show you several paths through the map, lending weight to my hopes of creating maps that are replayable. You can stealth-em-up in one game, and run-and-gun in the's only a matter of which one you prefer.

I should have a demo version of this map posted to by the next mid-month update. It will be a stand-alone map that you will load with the console. I will be slowly presenting all my maps to the community in this way, which shall serve as a method of gathering playtesters. Once I have enough feedback and polish in the maps, I will string them together in an actual mod.

I have plenty of news, but not enough space on the home page to post it here. Please visit my personal Mod DB profile to read all about it. Topics include:

- Losing the "Fallout" Reference
- Writing for 99 Bolts
- Starting Over and Learning From Mistakes

I am seeking modelers who are interested in creating the tiny models that go in 3D skyboxes. I really really want you to just shrink about ten or twenty of Half-Life 2's models for me, so I can place them in the skybox and gain a more realistic "endless horizon" effect. You may inquire within.

I will be putting up many concept screenshots of new levels and locations in 99 Bolts on my personal profile here at Mod DB. I will be updating 99 Bolts much less than I have been, so that you people can be surprised by my developments from time to time.

Thank you for watching 99 Bolts grow, even in its infancy.

- 15 August 2009


Great news, cant wait

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