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With asteroid generation out of the way, we have but a handful of features left before our pre-alpha release.

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We have distinct layers in the new asteroids (Dense in the center, loose on the outside, middling in the middle.) and caves running throughout. Speaking as a caver, some of these caves are actually pretty interesting- lots of twisty passages to explore, lots of branching. Currently there isn't very much to discover in caves, but a little tweaking of the ore generation scripts should solve that.

With these feature in place, there are but a handful (6) left before the release:

  • Performance optimizations.
  • Lighting improvements
  • Saving/loading of ships
  • Starfield rendering.
  • Launcher/Splash screen.
  • HUD.

Nezumi has been hard at work creating UI widgets, having the HUD and Launcher screens more or less finished, while Yam has started work on the launcher itself, which he hopes to release in less than two weeks. My own efforts are going to be focused on the big 6 mentioned above, hoping to get them cleared up by Mid-October.

The Mid-October release will be freely available to everyone, and will be distributed without source code on a Creative Commons license.

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