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Get all caught up on everything related to Elite's Conflict Mod v1.2 Gamma!

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Hello everyone,

First, I wanted to thank you everyone for all of the wonderful suggestions and feedback you have provided thus far! It has been insanely helpful to the development of this mod and the mental health of our team. :)

Second, voice chat with the dev team. If anyone is interested in talking with me (Elite), please leave a comment below! If you would like anyone else to be present, I'll have to contact them additionally so please include that in your comment if that is the case. I will provide a list of our team members and some of their specialties below:

  • {HEROIC}Elite - team leader, community manager, XML coder, icon artist, music development, etc.
  • {HEROIC}Doci - model and texture specialist, demigod
  • Delta730 - assistant developer, lore expert, models and animations
  • Sergeant Barlex - assistant developer for everything

Third, upcoming patches and what to expect:

  • Hotfix v1.2.35 X04 - This patch will feature some "final" starfighter balance updates, death clone updates, name and description updates, massive Galactic Empire rebalancing, more C.S.A. content, updated Rebel and Empire heroes, and hopefully some bug fixes!
  • Hotfix v1.2.4 X05 - Another huge balance patch titled "The Accuracy Patch" .. starships will have greatly improved accuracy while having fire rate reduced some. Hits will be more important and unit abilities will be redone.
  • Hotfix v1.2.45 X06 - Yet another massive balance patch titled "The Balance Patch". Starship tech levels will be double checked and possibly changed, ship max speed, rate of turn, rate of roll, shield regeneration rate, energy capacity, and energy refresh rates will all be balanced. Auto resolved will be balanced (goal). Sight range and targeting max distance will also be balanced.

I hope you are excited for these upcoming changes, I know we are! Thank you all again, please keep the feedback coming!!!

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Hope to download those patch as soon as possible then

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Sounds awesome keep up the great work.

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You haven't added in the hammerhead corvette yet, when do you plan on putting it in the mod?

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