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The Art Zone brings attention to the many talented artists out there that work in the gaming and geek culture space. Be it comics, video games, tabletop games, anime, etc. these artists start the product’s life with just a simple concept. Without them, a product may have a very difficult start. The talent here is unmatched and we want to show you why.

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The Art Gallery is simply that, a gallery that we want to tour the North American DreamHack circuit to showcase some of the most amazing artists in video games, tabletop, comics, anime, and more. Artists from all over will enter the pieces they love the most of titles that they’ve worked on. From there, DreamHack will pick a number of pieces that will be on display travelling from DreamHack to DreamHack in North America for a full year.

For further details and entry, see here.


Artist Alley is something that we all know and love. Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already awesome. So, we at DreamHack want to do one ourselves. Artists across the world of video games, comics, tabletop, anime, and more are welcome! Come show off what you’ve done, sell your pieces, sign some of your awesome stuff fans might bring in. In short, strut your skills and have fun.

For further details and entry, see here.

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