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This is a List of Missions that have been added to Art of War so far for Chapter 1 of the campaign which is set in 1914...

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----Mission List----
1. First ones in France, August 3rd, 1914~ Over 2 and a half months after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand on June 28th, 1914, war has been declared between Austria and Serbia, by August of that same year, Germany declares war on France, after France refuses to allow German forces to move through Belgium, on August 3rd, 1914 the very day that Germany Declared War on France, August 3rd would also be the first day that the United States would also declare war on France, but become the first to attack them, just one day before the German Empire crossed the border.

2. Battle of Biel, August 13th, 1914~ While rapidly gaining ground both Germans and Americans move through France from both the North and South, leading up tot he Battle of the Frontiers on August 7th, 1914, during the course of this engagements, the Americans begin their advance toward Reims while the Germans make their way toward Paris, but during the time of this offensive, French forces entrench themselves at Biel, with some of their most heavy artillery in hopes of blocking the Americans from advancing any closer to Reims.

3. Siege of Labru, August 20th, 1914~ As the Battle of the Frontiers continues on, the Central Power advance into France is stalled, not only in Eastern France but North in Belgium as well with German forces laying Siege to Numar, along side Lorraine in France. During the course of this, the Americans were also stalled at Labru, in Southern France, where since August 17th, 1918, the French have beaten back 3 waves of American attacks including a 4th wave, and 5th wave, now with US Armor being sent North in order to try and aide the Germans, the Americans in Southern France have no other option but to put their 6th and last reserve out against the French defenses at Labru.

4. One Bloody Night, August 22nd, 1914~ After having to suffer a severe blow at Labru, French forces prepare for a final ray of defenses along the French Frontiers, but the situation still hasn't changed as both sides were still locked in a stalemate, however American forces have devised plans on Operation Nautilus and offensive that is set for August 23rd, 1914 in hopes of breaking through the French lines and ending the stalemate, but the British and French have their own plans of an attack as well.

5. Operation Nautilus. August 23rd, 1914~ Despite the attack on the night of August 22nd, 1914, Operation Nautilus was unleashed as scheduled against the French city of Melan. While the Germans concentrate on Mons to the North, the Americans close in on Melan from both East and North, the entire fate of the Battle of the Frontiers rests on both this battle and Mons to the North, if the Central Powers slip past even one of these cities, the entire Defense line of the Frontiers will crumble and both Britain and France would have nu other choice but to retreat back to Paris.

6. Ruins of Melan, August 23rd, 1914~ As Operation Nautilus continued on into the City of Melan, the French this time reinforced by British Expeditionary forces struggle to hold the city as best as they can from the American attack, despite a small flaw in the US's progress the Americans are more determined then ever before to secure Melan and finally breach the Frontier Defenses once and for all.

7. Gozalia Railroad Junction, August 24th, 1914~ Melan has fallen, along with Mon to the North, the Frontier Lines has been completely smashed, and the French are in full blow retreat back to both Paris and Reims, while the British struggle to hold back both Americans and Germans as they inch closer and closer toward both Paris and Reims, but constant delays caused by the British counterattacks further halts progress of the Central Powers forcing the US to come up with a new strategy in order to use the French Railway system in order to bypass the British forces and speed ahead of the retreating French forces on the way to Reims in order to block them.

8. Battle of Galagus, August 27th, 1914~Following the arrival of American made trains from overseas, on August 27th, 1914, the US travel through Southern France using the Railway system as a way to catch up against the retreating French forces where they are able to secretly race past them and arrive at Galagus, a small province along the Tiani River, just minutes ahead of the French retreat. Having to be fitted with American made Civil War Era M1883s, and German made 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 13 Howitzers, the US prepare to ambush the French forces retreating from the front-line, when they arrive in the area, about 20 miles East of Reims.

9. Satan's Thorn Bush, August 30th, 1914~ Despite massive success behind French Lines, the situation turns slightly against the Americans when French officials blow up a vital railway bridge, preventing the Americans from crossing or advancing any closer to Reims through railway systems, and instead sends them to return back to their own front, however, while returning back towards their frontlines to the East they end up coming face to face with French forces who have dug in at the abandoned Napoleonic City of Le-Latoof, where unknown to the Americans a heavy fight awaited them, with France's own surprise.

10. Fall of Vielville, September 2nd, 1914~ The British are proving day after day to be a huge thorn in the Central Powers side, as they constantly hammer both American and German forces preventing them from advancing any closer towards either Reims or Paris. In a last attempt in order to finally end the British's attempts at stalling out the Central Power advance, both Berlin and Washington agree on one thing, Vielvill, as attacking the city of Vielville in Southern France would finally cut the supplies to British forces and finally allow the Central Powers to start advancing again, however, little do the Americans know, is that Britain is not the only ones defending the town.

11. Siege of Thresa, September 3rd, 1914~ Despite the loss of Vielvill, the British continue to mount desperate stall tactics against both the German Empire and Americans, in both North and South France, however, in between both Central Power controlled territories in South-central France, the Americans were able to lose control of the City of Thresa during the time of these Desperate British Attacks, leaving the location locked down in a stalemate with Howitzers facing one another. For 2 days neither side was able to attack the other mainly due to the risk of heavy losses, but on September 3rd, 1914, British forces were able to cross the Rova River, and enter the American side, however due to the loss of Vielvill a day earlier the British Offensive was forced to stop not far from the Bridgehead, now the Americans plan to launch a counterattack of their own in hopes of crossing the Rova and ending the British once and for all.

12. 12 Miles from the Marne, September 8th, 1914~ Accepting the proposal from German Spectator during the Siege of Thresea, General Pershing allowed a small force of Americans to head North in a bold attempt to aide the German Empire in their advance toward Paris, while the majority of their troops continued to focus on the initial drive toward Reims. Reaching the Marne River on the 6th of September multiple skirmishes between French and German forces engaged in a series of skirmishes along the Marne, but the majority of the German Attack force has not yet entered the area, due to one last obstacle being in their path, that last obstacle, being the Town of Gazel, located about 12 miles from the Marne, and is also the official spot where the American forces sent by General Pershing is set to arrive on September 8th, 1914.

13. The Crossing of the Marne, September 10th, 1914~ Gazel has been smashed, and the Allied forces combined of both British and French forces now concentrate on the majority of their forces along the Marne River. Breach the Allied defenses and cross the Marne, a victory here could mean an open road for the German Empire to enter Paris and a sudden end to the War in Western Europe. Smash through the French and British fortifications using the superior firepower of American armor, and secure both banks of the Marne to breach the Allied Marne river defenses and open up the road toward Paris.

14. Shocking Turn of Events, September 12th, 1914~ 2 days have passed since the breakthrough and crossing of the Marne, however, the victory is short lived when British and French Forces launch endless counterattacks on the River forcing both American and German forces to play a defensive campaign, Hold the river as best you can until further orders can be transmitted.

15. Retreat from the Marne, September 15th, 1914~ Alfred von Schlieffen's Plan has failed, leading to the devestating loss of the Marne River when British Reinforcements arrived from the nation of Great Britian, which in turn turn the tide of the Central Power Invasion of France in favor of the Allies. American and German forces now rapidly retreat as the British and French coalition forces slowly begin to reclaim the lands lost in August, while hoping to make it to the town of Reno in hopes of regrouping and coordinating a much more effective defense. However with the allied forces rapidly right behind, American and German forces must halt their retreat in order to hold the Reno River, in order to buy time for its own forces to escape to the town of Reno, before they are caught by the Allied counteroffensive. Hold the Highway for as long as possible until ordered by your German Officer to leave the area.

16. (WIP)

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