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You are the pirate that collect gold and buy items from the wizard merchant by dabbing in the middle of the holy crusader's abordage. Seems like another casual day in life. Extremely fun and fast-paced game where you need to survive huge firestorms and crew panic attacks as long as possible. It's gonna be real ARR-MAGEDON!

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You are the pirate that lived very peaceful life, robbing and destroying normal people's ships, getting drunk every day with your crew after the successful battle and having no worries at all since everyone is scared of you.

Well not everyone. There are holy crusaders that are not afraid even death. But who would expect to meet crusaders in the middle of the ocean...

I guess today is not your lucky day...

In this extremely fun and fast-paced game, you need to survive as long as possible dodging cannonballs and fire, collecting gold and using the help of the wizard by buying from him an equipment that helps you survive longer. Survive panic waves of your crew and huge firestorms. It's gonna be real ARR-MAGEDON!

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