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"Armor Mod for Viking Conquest" replaces the giant chest and shoulder pads look of Vanilla Viking Conquest, with a more realistic appearence closer to Warband. It also adds polished landscapes and terrain with careful attention to keeping good performance in battles.

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Now that the mod has reached its optimal version i was advice to make an article
Here is then some In game screenshots:

Norse Nobles



Ox rekkr


Pictish Champion2


Frisian Elite Werand

I recommend you combine Armor Mod with VC Balance Mod 13.0, available here at

You can reach me here or at the submods channel at Discord:

The Mod can be installed on top of either Vanilla VC or VC Balance Mod, by copying into your Viking Conquest folder and overwriting

Low pc specs recomended settings :
Anti-aliasing: 2x
Shadow Quality: low-medium
Texture Detail: 70-100
Shader Quality: Medium
HDR Mode: off
Auto-exposure: off
Use Depth Effects: off
Use Instancing: ON
Grass Density: 70% -90%
Realistic Shadows on Plants: Quick
Tree Detail: Medium
Tree Degrade Distance: 50% -100%
Character Detail: Between Medium point- Almost High Character
Shadow Detail: Low / Medium
Number of Corpses: 20
Number of Rag Dolls: 5
Blood Stains: Near Player Only /On
Dinamic Lighting: to preference
Character Shadows: Disable in sieges / large battles
Enviroment Shadows: to preference
Particle Systems: On
Anisotropic Filtering: ON
Fast Water Reflections: to preference

"Vagn's Armour Mod" for extensive use of his textures and work. Thank you Vagn! This mod would not have been possible without your generous support
The many mods and sources that were used by Vagn, including: Taleworlds Team, VC Team, Brytenwalda Team (OSP), CWE Team(OSP), Vikingr Team, Narf of Picklestink (OSP)
Kauna for the use of her many wonderful visual mods, including shield textures, banners, ships, and sails
Brujoloco for his wonderful banners and sails
The great testers at the Hooded Horse Discord submods channel, especially Luc and Old Greybeard.

V1 changelog:

-New textures for almost all existing armors and body meshes have been added

-Saturated every texture in the game to make it more darker, added new landscapes and skyboxes.

-Added new grass meshes and textures.

-Massive tree spawn in battle maps reduced.

V2 changelog:

-Reworked all armors textures,now they no longer have .lods and can be seen by far away at the cost of a performance hit in large battles, however in the future i will upload an addon for those who prioritize performance.

-Added a new lighter texture for the Scale Lorica aswell as a darker one.

-Reworked the Wolfs&Bears Byrnies and Loricas.

V2.1 changelog: corrected some missing trousers in bare norse bodies meshes.

V3 changelog:

-Added some new bare painted chests for Berserkers and Ulfhednar.

-Modified some existing Norse brown Lamellar/Gambleson for a new Red one.Will add more in upcoming realeses.

-Updated the description.

V4 changelog:

-Corrected missing Berserkes/Ulfhednar painted chests

-Corrected how some items are seen in the Inventory Section

-Added new bear/wolf furs to Berserkrs/Ulfhednar/Huskarls/Standard Bearers/(Ox Guards aswell new color varieties

-Reworked nearly all norse Hringserks, Tweaked the Elite Spearmen-Noble & Veteran/Huskarl usage of fur in armor (no more having Thengs having more skins than the Hersirs). Now you should see a more gradual advance among higher troops. +Tier=+Skins usage.

-Deleted the Map terrain and replace it with a new polished one.Thanks to LDS from the Hooded Horse -Discord Server for suggesting me to change it, and credits to Floris(OSP)

V4.1 changelog:

-Added a new leather protection for norse helmets, and with that more variety, now norse old helmets&normal norse helmets with leather are different on their addon/aspect
-Corrected some helmets textures to match their name on the shop menu, for example some "Norse helmets with mail" didn't have mail at all instead of that they have leather, this has been corrected
-Reworked some norse red lamellar gambleson for a more fitting one
-Added some .LODS to some armors aswell to some helmets
-Hersir Helmet is back and with mail included

V5 changelog:

-Great Increase in Performance
-Textures and .LODS optimized
-Fixed Capes and Hoods errors
-Reworked and tweaked all gambesons/tunics/chainmails/helmets errors
-Compatibility with vanilla VC and Lastest Balance Mod 13 patch all-in-one

V5.1 changelog:

-Fixed some sailors/ruffians/townsmen&farmers invisible tunics
-Confirmed 0 that there is no more transparent tunics/gambesons/chainmails
-Returned Ulfhednar/Berserkrs bare armor again
-Fixed a compatibility problem between vanilla and VC Balance Mod players

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